Mamma Mia Musical: You’ll Want to Go Again!


Courtesy of Alyssa Kristine Photography

The Mamma Mia Cast performs Super Trouper by ABBA.

Mamma Mia, Benilde-St. Margaret’s 2023 spring performance play, debuted on Thursday, April 11. The play incorporates songs from ABBA while telling the tale of a young woman (and soon-to-be bride) named Sophie Sheridan who lives with her single mother. Determined to have her father walk her down the aisle, Sophie invites three men, all of whom have the possibility of being her father.

The cast had many new incorporations, including extravagant costuming and intricate choreography. “We were choreographed by someone who’s been on Broadway, her name is Linda, she teaches at University of Minnesota. She’s an amazing teacher. So the choreo is coming together,” Senior cast member Jeremiah Russell said.

Junior Michael McDonald plays Harry Bright in the musical, one of the potential fathers. He explains that the biggest challenge he had to overcome in order to play Harry was learning how to play the guitar. McDonald shares that he had never taken any lessons, but math teacher and drama department director Jake Mahler had helped him in learning certain chords. McDonald’s favorite scene was the end of Act One during Sophie’s bachelorette party. “Everyone’s on stage, like 50 people. And it’s chaotic, but the dance that we do, it’s fun and the song is also really good. It’s just a fun scene. Great way to end the act,” McDonald said.

Russell was cast as Sam Carmichael. He auditioned for the role because the male lead, Sam, has some of the most challenging and lengthy singing parts. This was ideal for Russell as he wanted to take on new challenges. His biggest challenge was singing the song SOS, due to the high range it takes. Russell encourages students to come for the energy of the show. “It’s very fun to get into the vibe, and the energy is just uplifting, it’s the end of the show. We got through it, and you know, [we] come out with a little surprise, so you have to see it,” Russell said.

Greta Hall, a senior, performs as Sophie Sheradin. She hopes students come to the play in order to have fun with the music and dancing, and even possibly join along. Hall explains her progress in feeling more comfortable with her abilities. “This is like the first big role that I’ve had at BSM theater and I just had to work on not laughing or anything… But in the back of my head I was like, be professional, you’re doing okay,” Hall said.

The cast and directors of BSM’s Mamma Mia have shown their dedication in making this an experience to remember. “This performance rolls around once in a while… each show is different. It’s not like you’re playing the same game, each time you’re doing a completely different thing,” McDonald said.