How to Survive the BSM Parking Lot: Tips From a Senior Red Knight


Michaela Dooley

Senior Izzy Garvin leaving BSM’s senior parking lot after the school day with a smile.

On Tuesday, April 11th 2023, as I was walking to my car to leave BSM for the day, I noticed a bright orange ticket waving in the wind under my windshield wiper. Four other seniors stood by their cars holding their own orange tickets. I untrapped it from my windshield and peered at the paper. I had gotten a parking ticket in my own school’s parking lot! Was I parked in one of the designated spirit shop parking spots? Maybe, but hear me out.

If you’re wondering how to avoid one of these magic orange tickets, I’d first advise not to park in a spot not meant for students. My second piece of advice would be to join the growing movement of BSM’s main parking lot critics. The parking lot’s condemnation is most apparent this time of year after the usual Minnesota winter; giant snow banks take up a huge amount of parking, making the hunt for a spot more extreme than ever.

Seniors with first and second hour free can especially attest to this. The classic 9:19 AM arrival time for homeroom at 9:25 doesn’t secure seniors a spot like it used to. It’s a battle against the elements as rain puddles inches deep and snow banks feet plague the main parking lot. Not to mention the recent increase in non-seniors using the senior parking lot. Senior Izzy Garvin has both first and second period free, and has a lot of experience with the lack of parking. “I try to find where other people have started parking, whether it’s parallel parking against the snow bank or parking in the end spot rows. I have also talked to Creer about where we should park if we can’t find spots,” said Garvin.

A quick PSA to all non-seniors using the senior lot: Don’t! Seniors with a first or second hour free don’t want to have to worry about finding a spot when they get to school–senior sliding takes a lot of beauty sleep.

Navigating BSM’s main parking lot right after school is just as much of a challenge as scoring a spot in the morning. The combination of school buses, parent pick-up lines, and teenage drivers is a jarring one. Knowing which exit lines are the fastest and which parking spots give you the most seamless departure, all while not rear-ending a teacher’s car, is not for the faint of heart.

The recent warm weather will hopefully melt away both the parking lot snow banks and students’ struggle to find a place to put their cars while they achieve a high school education. For now, leave the senior parking lot sports for the seniors, keep hopes up about BSM expanding their main parking lot, and DON’T park in a spirit shop spot!