Check Out the Best Sushi Restaurants In the Twin Cities


Callie E

This vibrant sushi from Billy’s Sushi in MPLS is the best.

As a sushi enthusiast, I have tried many restaurants throughout my life and in the Twin Cities. While it is hard to choose my favorites, I have been able to narrow it down to my top 5 sushi places you need to check out if you are in the Twin Cities area.

Number 5: Raku Sushi & Lounge
Raku is described as a stylish place for sushi & Japanese small plates. I would describe this restaurant as a hidden gem in Edina. The waiters are always very friendly, and the service is good. It is never busy, and they always take walk-ins. It has a very quiet environment because there aren’t normally a lot of people there. My favorite thing to order here is the vegetable bento box and salmon nigiri. This is a nice place to go, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Number 4: Yumi Japanese Restaurant
With a few locations in Minnesota, Yumi is a popular sushi restaurant. It is easy to eat on the weekdays and the only time you might need a reservation is the weekend. The service is normally okay, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything special. When you order sushi, they serve big sushi rolls that you can barely fix in your mouth and you normally have to cut them in half. I have had a few bad rolls from there that tasted very fishy and not normal but otherwise the food is good. This is a good place to go if you want a casual, quicker sushi experience.

Number 3: Wakame Sushi
Wakame is a casual Japanese and Thai eatery. When you walk, in you are always greeted by friendly hosts and outgoing waiters. This restaurant has a great vibe with its outdoor seating and delicious food. One of my favorite things to order at this restaurant is the salmon and avocado roll. It always tastes so fresh and has a very good flavor.

Number 2: Sushi Fix
Sushi Fix has innovative sushi rolls and other Japanese specialties. Located on the lake, this restaurant has the most beautiful views during the summer time. You are able to watch the sunset while eating great food outside on the patio. Along with the great views, they have some great food as well. Some of my favorite things to order are the salmon teriyaki stir fry, tempura udon, and the number 9 roll. It can be hard to get a reservation because it is busy most nights, but the service is always excellent.

Number 1: Billy’s sushi in Downtown Minneapolis. This is a stylish, contemporary restaurant serving sushi and various drinks. This restaurant is number one for its unique, high energy environment. The music is upbeat, service is great, and the sushi in my opinion is the best sushi in Minnesota. They also have a great nightlife experience with Billy’s after dark. This is an underground speakeasy with food, drinks, and a fun atmosphere. The best things to order at Billy’s are the gyoza, B.A.D & Boujee roll, and the 2-14 roll. Billy’s is so popular that reservations are normally booked a month in advance so if you want to eat there you have to plan ahead.