Students Believe Fairlife Prices Are Unjust at Taher


Trey Brixius

The FairLife prices are the same if not more at Taher.

Fairlife protein drinks prices are the same if not higher at Taher compared to other places you can get them. A lot of students complain that the prices are too high to buy and think that the prices should be lowered especially if you are going to sell them at school.

Some students’ decisions are affected when it comes to buying Fairlife at school for lunch or for a snack. “Sometimes I feel like I’ll stop myself because I know it’s like a little bit too much for what you should be paying,” student Bray Frick said.

Every student has different thoughts and some have the same about why the prices may be high at Taher. “I don’t think it’s because Fairlife is expensive. I think it’s just because Taher raises it up or they can’t get it for as cheap as we can or they don’t buy it at all but four dollars is too much,” student Trey Brixius said.

Sometimes I feel like I’ll stop myself because I know it’s like a little bit too much for what you should be paying,

— Bray Frick

Some coaches have thoughts on why the Fairlife prices at Taher are high. “You know, that in stores that can be part of a network where they can get a better pricing than you know lunchrooms can. I think that’s a question that would be interesting to find out why, ” Football Head Coach Sean McMenomy said.

A lot of students think the price should be a lot cheaper than they are right now but not by too much. “I’ve seen them at other places selling for around 3 dollars, maybe four max, that seems pretty good,” Brixius said.

A lot of student athletes would buy more if the prices were lower and it could help them perform better during the season. “I think our guys would have bought a lot more of it because our guys love it and they go to Sam’s and Costco to buy it. It’s something that’s helping their performance. So yes, I think it’s one of those things where we would love to have it because it’s something that probably 90% of our football guys you know, consume on a daily basis,” McMenomy said.

If the prices at Taher were lower then a lot more students and teachers would buy it more. “Yeah, like everybody else you look at what’s the best price and if you get a better price somewhere else where you’ll get it. Getting it here is a lot easier than having to get it at the store if the price is not much of a difference and it doesn’t make sense,” McMenomy said.