New Prom Updates Excite BSM Students


As May fast approaches, students begin to shop for dresses and suits in order to commemorate their school year at prom. This year, Benilde-St. Margaret’s has made some adjustments to the typical prom arrangements.

The location of prom varies every year, and it will be held at A’BULAE in St. Paul this year. The venue has a spacious room with windows surrounding it, as well as a rooftop for students to take pictures or hangout at. A’BULAE will be decorated in accordance with the theme.

Assistant Principal of Activities and Student Life Cami Dahlstrom explains that in accordance with the large number of responses to the Google form, this year’s theme will be masquerade. The venue will be decked with touches of red, gold, and black. “We’ll have gold chargers which is what you set the plate on. We’re gonna have extra masks available if people don’t [have one], [as well as] pearls and some red roses,” Dahlstrom said.

The increase in meal alternatives is a convenient new development Dahlstrom has brought to the table. She explains she would like to improve availability in order to better accommodate students. “We’re able to do gluten free, a vegetarian option, and it’ll all be seated, not a buffet style, so I think it’s gonna be really nice this year,” Dahlstrom said.

However, due to the lack of buses, a majority of students must drive themselves. Bus transportation will be available for students who sign up, and limited parking will be accessible at the location, however there is a fee. “[There is an] option to drive, and it’s due to the bus shortage. We won’t have to bus over in waves kind of to get everybody there at the same time. The timing hasn’t changed,” Dahlstrom said.

A more recent change for this year is the date of the dance. Prom was originally set for April 22nd, however due to venue arrangements, it was moved to May 6th. Chaperones have had some challenges as a consequence of this shift. BSM’s prom has often been under the supervision of the English Department, and they were informed that the date was April 22. “It was just changed on the master calendar, but nobody communicated it, not initially… Now there’s two English teachers who can’t make it, because the date changed and [they] had other plans,” English teacher Katie Belanger said.

While there have been plenty of changes, Dahlstrom and Benilde-St. Margaret’s have focused on making prom enjoyable for students and faculty alike, hoping to make a memorable experience as the year comes to an end.