Arising artist, Yeat, performs in Minneapolis


Owen Nugent

Yeat Performs at the Armory.

On Saturday, April 15th, arising artist Yeat came to Minneapolis for the final performance of his second-ever North American tour.

Yeat, known formally as Noah Oliver Smith, has grown in popularity faster than any other artist I know of. Many listeners claim Yeat’s rise to fame was only possible due to the consistent influence of his songs among TikTok and its many trends. To that point, I can agree his presence on social media was undoubtedly impactful, although I argue his incredibly unique sound and lyrics effectively established his music in the hearts of fans more than what would be possible with a catchy TikTok jingle.

The performance had taken place at the Armory; a popular venue for large events located in downtown Minneapolis. The floor was nearly packed with fans in anticipation of Yeat’s performance. Unlike many other rap artists, Yeat had actually started his show on time. The combination of strobe lights, green alien animations, dense fog, deafening bass, and Yeat’s iconic balaclava made the concert all the more enjoyable.

He had opened with the song “Flawlëss” from his previous album “Lyfë”. Although I would have preferred a different opening song, I believe the suspenseful build-up at the beginning of the track allowed Yeat to start with optimal crowd control. Speaking of crowd control, Yeat’s DJ did not miss a beat. Each song transitioned smoothly allowing for a consistent flow of energy.

Yeat had initiated this tour in order to promote his new album, “Aftërlyfe”, which had released three months after the initial tour announcement in December of 2022. The setlist consisted mainly of his new album with an additional handful of older songs many were familiar with.

The concert was filled with a true sense of hype and excitement. Although I was fully encapsulated by the beat of the songs, the intensity of everything had forced me to take a break for hydration a few times.

Aside from providing a great concert, I recall a rather comical situation that happened at the end of the show. When everyone had started to clear out, an Armory employee announced that Yeat had thrown their microphone into the crowd, and they were offering signed merchandise for whoever was able to find it. I didn’t really care much to look for it considering the ground was absolutely covered in trampled trash. The situation only became comical to me when I had seen a TikTok later that night of the guy who found the mic and did not in fact, give it back.