Spring Fashion Predictions


Emily Walsh & Maddie Kaltsas

These are sample outfits that incorporate clothing items from each of the three spring fashion pillars.

Since the weather has warmed up in the past week, it’s time to prepare for spring fashion. As with any season, there are three clear pillars that guide the clothing trends. This year it’s feminine, flowy and fresh. Here is the ultimate guide to ensure you stay on trend this spring:

Floral patterns–not the ones on your grandmother’s old couch, but the dainty ones that are light and fun and pastel–are coming in hot this spring. These perfect floral patterns look best on flowy dresses and tank tops that complement a sunny spring day. With the flowers blooming and spring as the perfect time for new beginnings, these patterns fit right into the category of fresh.

Babydoll tank tops are making a comeback this season with force. After a few seasons of bold and masculine styles dominating the clothing industry with y2k and baggy clothing taking over the fashion scene, this spring is the time to break away from this trend and embrace your feminine side. Babydoll tank tops are the ultimate staple for an easy, delicate spring look to stay on trend.

What’s the perfect mix between masculine, baggy styles and feminine, soft styles? Flowy midi skirts. They are a comfortable yet chic piece to stay on trend this season. These skirts can be dressed up or down for the perfect effortless look for warm weather. A cottage-core, coastal look that is as comfortable to wear as it looks.

If you haven’t embraced linen yet, this spring is the season to do so. Linen shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and everything in between will be dominating the spring fashion scene as the ultimate flowy, effortless look. However, don’t break out that loose fabric quite yet. Traditional fashion rules indicate that you shouldn’t wear linen before Memorial Day. But then again, fashion is constantly evolving and maybe it’s time to abandon old guidelines and create new ones.

If you’re interested in investing in a new pair of spring shoes or are wondering whether the sandals in the back of your closet are still in, look no further. Simple, strappy sandals are the easiest way to look put together without putting any effort in. Slide them on and immediately elevate any spring look. These fresh but classic shoes are the perfect embellishment to your next feminine, flowy outfit.

Crochet knit tops have been a consistent trend seen through the past two years, and they are staying this spring. Many people have even learned to make their own tops to follow the trend. Paired with some basic jean shorts, a forever classic, or even a pair of linen pants, the knit tops make a perfect feminine look.

Perhaps the greatest antithesis to the three pillars of spring fashion is corset tops. These restrictive and uncomfortable tops should have been left in the Victorian era. This trend was always a bit of an outlier in the sea of baggy and oversized clothing in recent years, but with flowy as a core principle of this spring season, it’s time to let go of this contradictory trend.

The y2k looks are now leaving the trends and with that goes the chunky sandals. They are extremely impractical and anyone who wears them is bound to break an ankle. These sandals encompass maximalist and grunge styles far from the three pillars of feminine, fresh and flowy. Instead, this spring you should invest in the clean and easy-to-style sandals that go with any spring outfit.

Ever seen a man wearing a pair of jorts (jeans cut into long shorts)? Well, you’re not far off if you decide to wear a pair of bermudas. They are the farthest thing from any feminine style and are definitely not in store for this spring’s fashion trends. However, instead of throwing out your old bermudas, recycle them by cutting them shorter into a classic denim short spring staple. This is the perfect way to reuse old clothes while simultaneously staying on trend.