Adam Thielen Should’ve Stayed on the Vikings


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Adam Thielen should’ve stayed on the Minnesota Vikings football team.

Adam Thielen should’ve stayed on the Minnesota Vikings instead of being let go because of the salary cap and go play for the Carolina Panthers. He isn’t going to do as well on the Panthers compared to when he was on the Vikings.

Adam Thielen did really well his first seven years on the vikings until Justin Jefferson got drafted to the Vikings in the 2020 draft. He had a lot more receptions, yards after catch, and touchdowns because he was one of the best wide receivers on the Vikings at the time. The last three years he didn’t do as well because he didn’t get the ball thrown to him as much since Justin Jefferson got the ball most of the time.

I think the Vikings should’ve kept Adam Thielen for a few more years because he is really good with the Vikings and it would be really cool if he was on the Vikings for his whole career. Also they could’ve made a small contract for two or three years instead of cutting him for the team salary cap. He also would’ve probably got his stats up more if they gave him another year or two because it seemed like the Vikings just gave up on him.

Adam Thielen wanted to show that he could be a really good wide receiver when he went to the NFL combine and he proved that he is a good wide receiver by being on the Vikings. I feel like the Vikings helped Adam Thielen become the top 100 wide receivers to ever play because of how good he is. I feel like he is also the top 40 wide receivers that the Vikings have had on the team and always will be.

In conclusion Adam Thielen is one of the best wide receivers to ever play with the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings also should’ve kept him in the long run and could have possibly gone to a Super Bowl with him in the future because of his skill and he’s good with the players all around. I also feel like they should’ve kept all the other players they let go this year because Adam Thielen and the other players made the team really good on both offense and defense. If it wasn’t for the salary cap I feel like Adam Thielen and the other players could’ve stayed on the Vikings for a lot longer.