How do students think through course registration?


Ella Adams

Student looking at future course’s wondering if she made the right choice.

Course registration at BSM can be a stressful time for both students and counselors. Teachers may also feel this stress when trying to make sure everyone has their registration sheet signed. Students are stressed about what courses to take and how much they should put on their plates for the next school year.

Sophomore Hannah Buller explains it’s hard to know what classes will fit you best for the next school year, as well as thinking about college and taking classes that will prepare you well for college. “Junior year is a big year, and I think I have to choose good classes, it’s really stressful. I have to choose classes that will be good and classes that colleges will say, ‘oh, that’s a good student,’” Buller said.

Freshman Grace Bendickson agreed with Buller and thought of a new way to go about course registration to understand each course a little more. “[Letting] us experience each class or a period to see how it’s gonna sit or fit best with you [would be beneficial],” Bendickson said.

Junior Mandy Cronin thought that the staff during course registration and in the process of deciding what classes to take was very helpful. “The counselors know all the new classes and all the classes you have questions about, they can answer and I feel like they have very good knowledge of those so if you’re stressed about not knowing what classes to take you should just talk to one of them. Or your teachers for that subject because they know English and Spanish, so it shouldn’t be stressful and it’s not stressful for me,” Cronin said.

Junior Connor Armand said course registration was pretty easy and fast. “I think it’s done pretty well, I think it should be the same. It was pretty fast, it took like 30 minutes. It wasn’t too bad,” Armand said.

Course registration went differently for everyone, Armand thought it was fast but Cronin described it as time-consuming. “I feel like in homeroom or in free hours sometimes it takes a long time, so if they can split up the times better that would be better time management for everyone,” Cronin said.

Bendickson also added that it can be hard to figure out what classes will blend best with future extracurricular activities for the next school year. Many Students feel the stress of trying to take challenging classes yet trying to balance sports or clubs. “ I don’t entirely know what’s gonna sit best with me and my extracurriculars,” Bendickson said.