The Changing of the Guard: Juniors Prepare to Fill the Departing Seniors’ Spots


Michaela Dooley

Juniors Izzy Saffert (left) and Ellery Clark (right) will fill in for seniors like Lily Eigner (far right) at BSM next year.

For seniors, fourth quarter is the last lap before all things high school graduation and summer. Their absence requires a quick turnaround in leadership, and next up in line are the juniors. Soon, the seniors will be gone, and the juniors will be smiling for a picture with a donut in hand at the senior tailgate in May. This marks the beginning of the juniors’ reign as the oldest in the school, and it’s coming fast.

BSM seniority is more than just its privileges and benefits though; the juniors need to bring a lot of leadership to the table. Being the role models to four lower grades is no easy task. Each seventh through eleventh grader is looking up to the seniors to show them the way through high school.

Whether the seniors like it or not, they will be leaving BSM on May 24th. The legacy of the class of 2023 will be wiped clean for the 2024’s. BSM junior Anna Amaris, is already looking forward to some of the infamous senior experiences. “I’m excited for sports games and parking…like getting to…leave early and stuff, all those perks that come with senior year,” Amaris said.

Feeling overwhelmed, juniors? Never fear, senior advice is here! Here are some seniors’ most important words of wisdom:

“Show up to stuff, because it’s your last year. Remember to have fun, but also know first semester senior year is actually really difficult,” senior Claire Prindiville said.

Just be nice to people. And don’t slack off,

— Max Wendt

“Just be nice to people. And don’t slack off,” senior Max Wendt said.

“Work hard and don’t take shortcuts, because in college you aren’t going to have them so you need to be used to working hard otherwise you will be in for a rude awakening,” senior Clara Luger said.

Most seniors will agree with Prindiville, Wendt, and Luger, that although a lot of senior year is about making memories in the last year of highschool, staying focused on schoolwork and your future is just as important. Amaris is already thinking about this for her upcoming senior year. “College applications, and like finding out where you’re gonna go the following year can be kind of stressful,” Amaris said.

As scary as they seem, the BSM student body–especially juniors–can gain a lot from watching the seniors. The responsibility that comes with being the oldest in the school goes hand in hand with the good times and privileges. Juniors, learn from the seniors as much as you can these last few months they are here, soon enough you’ll be their shoes.