Second Semester Senior Year in a Nutshell


Dave Lindberg

One group of BSM seniors in Cabo.

Now that we have returned from spring break and our last quarter of high school is in full swing, us seniors are basking in the excitement of our final year here coming to an end. Though grades may be down, spirits are up, and that’s what counts as we check off our last days at BSM. I’m fairly certain that I speak for many seniors as I present to you; second semester in a nutshell.

Senior spring break could be an entire story in itself, but I suppose I’ll keep it brief. This is partially because I’d be getting off-topic, but I’ll also have to spare you some details for the sake of this article getting published. For undisclosed reasons, all-inclusive resorts located outside of the US were popular destinations for many. My friend group ended up going to the Hard Rock resort in Cabo, which was a blast. I definitely recommend it to any incoming seniors in need of a solid spring break. Our BSM group made many great memories.

March Madness also came to an end, which ended up being more unpredictable than Kanye’s next controversial statement on Twitter. I’m sure that I would’ve been pretty upset about the sweet sixteen lineup, but all hope for my bracket faded away as I watched Arizona and Purdue exit in the first round. While it was definitely a great tournament this year, it’s still pretty hard to beat the magical story of Doug Edert that we were fortunate enough to watch last year.

Spring is now upon us, marking the end of the extensive seasonal depression that this long winter brought. However, the recent work of mother nature has been more indecisive than the last time you asked your significant other where they’d like to eat. In the span of just one week, we somehow experienced both snow and tanning conditions. To be fair, as a Minnesotan, I can’t say that I expected otherwise. Speaking of tanning conditions, I’m still confused as to why it’s a universal activity for Minnesotan females to tan on the first day that the UV index exceeds 4, regardless of the fact that there is quite literally still snow on the ground. I’m not hating, just curious.

Finally, and potentially the best of all of these, it is officially senior slide. All of a sudden, for the first time in 4 years, it doesn’t feel as if grades don’t entirely determine our value as humans. As you get back your recent Calculus test to find out you got a mere 67%, it is no longer met with a small heart attack and an overly-emotional talk with your mom that ends up taking a bigger shot at your dignity than the last time you asked your dad for homework help. If your GPA were to be put on a graph, it would be fairly resemblant to the recent funds of Silicon Valley Bank, but hey, it’s alright. College is now figured out and the fever dream that high school has been ends in a month. What a time to be alive.