Knowledge Bowl is a Successful and Fun Club


BSM Marketing Team

Sophomore Knowledge Bowl team after a competition placing in the top 9.

Knowledge Bowl is a club at Benilde-St. Margaret’s that just wrapped up their season which has created excitement for next year. It involves being quizzed on trivia, ranging from what you are learning in school to current events.

This year they feel they have done really well; they placed top 20 out of 80 teams in the Twin Cities. From there, they moved onto the subregional competition where they placed in the top 9 of teams. After that they moved on to the regional tournament which took place Tuesday, February 28. They compete against other high schools to win in teams of five kids where you compete with one written round and four spoken rounds. Their season has since ended, but had a very successful season. “We are currently the second highest sophomore team in our region,” sophomore captain Jonathan McMerty-Brummer said.

This is a relatively small club due to the limited number of members that are able to participate in a competition. Only 5 members of the team are allowed to answer during the competition, but there are always open spots to anyone who wants to join. This club is not as advertised as others are, so many students may not know about the club. “I think it’s a really good thing, especially for a private school like this there’s lots of smart kids,” sophomore Leo Kangas said.

We are currently the second highest sophomore team in our region,

— Jonathon McMerty-Brummer

While the club is intellectual, it is also competitive. There is a sense of rivalry since you do compete against other schools. There also are different roles on the team depending on what trivia category you’re strongest in. “It is pretty competitive because you have people who are really good and then after you also have people who are like, not that great, so you have different roles,” sophomore Nelson Noglo said.

Overall, the Knowledge Bowl team has always been a successful team at BSM, it combines aspects of team bonding, competition, and trivia. Which may be appealing to many students and they are always looking for new members. The team is enthusiastic about trivia and hope more students will join. “Absolutely, more people should join. It’s a really fun club where we just hang out, do some trivia and it’s super low commitment and it’s a lot of fun,” McMerty-Brummer said.