Is Wordle Still Relevant?


Lara DePauw

Are students still playing Wordle?

Wordle instantly spread among students at Benilde-St. Margaret’s as soon as they heard about it. Everyone was playing this newly discovered game everywhere. Many started it first thing at school, and you could hear voices throughout the class desperately whispering “don’t spoil!” It has been almost a year since the commotion–is it still relevant?

The game consists of a new word every day, five letters, and six chances to get it right. If you get the right letter in the right sport, the block turns green. The right letter in the wrong spot becomes yellow, and a letter that isn’t used at all shows up gray.

Junior Josephine Lealos describes herself as a committed Wordle player, always starting with her lucky word “aisle”. Lealos has noticed a decrease in Wordle players since last year. She believes that it is most likely due to the fact that it is such a repetitive game, and she thinks people are now looking towards newer and exciting games. She explains that she, however, will not cease playing this game. “I play it all the time… me, my dad and my sister, we have a text chat where we send our Wordle answers, and it’s become a competition to us [of] who can get [it in] the least amount of guesses,” Lealos said.

It was trending. Trends fall out, and people have kind of moved on. There’s other things that people do now,

— Lily Peterson

Lily Peterson, a senior at BSM, used to enjoy Wordle but has since lost interest in it. She explains that she and others have grown tired of the repetition. Although some people still play, including her mom, Peterson believes that it is less relevant now that fewer people are discussing it. “It was trending. Trends fall out, and people have kind of moved on. There’s other things that people do now,” Peterson said.

Similar to Lealos, sophomore David Birch is still playing Wordle. He too has noticed that there has been less talk about it. However, he hasn’t necessarily seen a big change in the number of people playing. Birch says it is possibly because it is an older game, so there isn’t much to talk about. He says he will continue to keep playing throughout the year. “It’s a really fun brain challenge to start the day with, and I just really enjoy playing it,” Birch says.

Although some students at BSM are still playing the word puzzle, it is undeniable that most have noticed a decrease in players– whether it is as a result of the repetition or the fact that it was simply a trend. This doesn’t stop many die-hard fans from continuing to play the game daily.