What did students wear this winter?


Casey Butner

Many winter clothing trends emphasize staying cozy and comfy with brands like Aritzia and Ugg.

As the winter season comes to an end, old trends die out and new ones emerge. This winter, predictions for fashion have been a hot topic. Some expected crazy changes to their regular wardrobe, and some were ready to stay put in their comfy clothes. Now that students have seen what’s trending, we can finally see if predictions were correct.

Bodysuits, puffer jackets, flare leggings and more have all been staples in the majority of girls’ closets this winter. One particular brand, Aritzia, has gained an enormous amount of popularity along with these new trends. Looking classy, clean, and cozy has been ideal, which Aritzia is known to excel at. With always being on top of the trends, Aritzia is able to influence young styles through their impressive quality and many options of clothing. However, there is one major problem with the brand that upsets many students: Its pricing. Aritzia is infamous for their extremely expensive clothing, which makes it difficult for many high school students to afford it. In a survey conducted by the Knight Errant, some students have stated that they would rather not keep up with the trends, a large reason being their excessive high pricing. Although it is pricey, many students still believe that it is a staple for this winter. “The second I walk into Aritzia, the ambience is what really gets me. They always stay on top of the trends and know exactly what is in style,” freshman Taylor Winegarner said.

The second I walk into Aritzia, the ambience is what really gets me. They always stay on top of the trends and know exactly what is in style,

— Taylor Winegarner

Although some prefer to dress up and follow the trends, dressing comfy has always been a winter staple. In a recent survey, 80.8% of students said that they prefer to dress comfier in the winter season. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, slippers and even pajama pants have been seen widely around the school. As the days get shorter and school days seem longer, the comfy route has appealed to a large number of students. “Yeah, I think [slippers are] really comfy and honestly a lot of people pull off really cute outfits,” sophomore Natalie Lamers said.

In a survey conducted by the Knight Errant, students were asked for their favorite winter fashion trend. The most popular ones have been puffer jackets and vests at 40.8%, flare leggings at 32.4%, Uggs at 26.8%, and taking the win, knit sweaters, at 52.1%. With only a small number of people voting bodysuits and other major trends like leather pants, knit sweaters on top can seem shocking. Although knit sweaters have been popular for awhile, it seems that they are still a staple for this season’s fashion. “Bodysuits are probably my favorite trend. They go with a lot of my outfits and I feel really stylish wearing them,” Winegarner said.

This winter students have branched out, followed trends, and stayed comfy. Fashion makes an important impact on school life, and students being able to choose how they dress is a major way they can express themselves.