Top new media to watch featuring black actors


Fair Use TV Insider

ABC’s Abbott Elementary is a hilarious new comedy with a very talented cast.

During Black History Month, it is important to celebrate the talent of black people across all genres of work and life, including the film industry. There have been some intense movies and shows featuring incredibly talented and creative black people that have become extremely popular. However, there are some new shows and movies that are more comical and light-hearted that deserve more recognition. Here are a few recommendations of new pieces of media created by and featuring talented black actors and actresses that are definitely worth the watch.


Abbot Elementary:
I find myself recommending this show to pretty much anyone who will listen. It is one of the best classic comedies to air in a long time. Abbott Elementary is about a low income elementary school in inner-city Philadelphia. Despite their lack of resources, the teachers try silly but passionate ways to bring their students the best opportunities. It is filmed in the mockumentary format with similar vibes to classics such as The Office and Parks and Recreation, but with a possibly even funnier boss. The characters have great chemistry that draws you in, including a cute and slightly awkward work romance. The show does an excellent job at staying relevant while avoiding being cringey. This is a rare sight in today’s media. The cast is amazing, and you’ll quickly fall in love with creator and star Quinta Brunson. The first season debuted in December 2021 and season two is currently airing each week on ABC. It can be streamed on Hulu, ABC, and HBO Max (season 1 only).


A Black Lady Sketch Show:
This show brings a needed change to the male dominated sketch show scene. Starring and written by hilarious black women, A Black Lady Sketch Show is sure to bring you many laughs. Each sketch starts out relevant to current society and pop culture, but finds its way to go over the top. If you don’t have the time to sit down for a whole episode of a show, I highly recommend just watching the sketches on YouTube. If you are a fan of Brunson from Abbott Elementary, you can see even more of her as a main character in season 1 and a guest throughout the rest of the show. The show was created by Robin Thede who also stars, and all three seasons can be streamed on HBO Max. Season 1 premiered in 2019 and season 3 just came out in 2022.


Strange World:
It is no secret that Disney is trying to add more representation to their movies and shows to try and make up for their history. In this cartoon film premiering in 2022, Disney aims to break barriers by featuring an openly gay teenage protagonist. His white dad and black mom are also main characters who openly kiss and support their gay son without question. This may seem minor, but it is a lot more representation than Disney would ever feature even a few years ago. Beyond the representation, Strange World is a sweet and gentle watch. Three generations of one family living in a mystical world go on a journey to save their people. Their arguments show a very realistic dynamic between different generations of the typical family. The “strange world” that they live in is unique, colorful, and fun to see. I hadn’t heard much about this movie upon its release, as Disney didn’t market it to their full extent (If I had to guess, it was to avoid controversy). However, I recommend it as a fun family watch. It can be streamed on Disney+.


In this show, a teenager named Will Smith gets in a fight in his West Philadelphia neighborhood so his mom gets scared and sends him to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel-Air. Sound familiar? Bel-Air is a modern re-imagination of 90s classic The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This show takes on more current issues and is overall more relevant to today’s society. Smith struggles to navigate the culture shock of preppy California while maintaining a good image for his uncle’s political campaign. The show has funny, heart warming, and heartbreaking moments that are sure to draw you in. The show was created by actor Will Smith and others and has 2 seasons so far. The entirety of season 1 can be streamed on Peacock and season 2 is currently airing weekly, also on Peacock.