Father Daughter Dance Postponed Due to Flooding


Genevieve DeCesare

BSM will be holdings its annual Father Daughter Dance on April 1st instead of February 11th.

BSM was supposed to hold its annual Father Daughter Dance on Saturday Feb 11 from 6:30pm-8:30pm. However, the venue, Golden Valley Country Club, was flooded, and the dance was postponed.

The dance includes fun activities such as photo shoots, dinner, casino tables, and a dance performed by senior girls and their dads. Considering this date was coming up, those who were attending this dance cleared their schedules and gave them something to look forward to doing with their dads, “I really enjoy spending time with my dad, so going to this dance with him will be great,” junior Jessica Decowski said.

Some students are frustrated about the date change. In years past, the Father Daughter Dance has been around the time of Valentine’s Day. This has made students want to buy dresses that fit this theme. For example, a lot of dresses include the holiday’s signature colors. But now that the dance isn’t until after Valentine’s Day, students feel as though they need to start looking for other dresses, “I had this pink and sparkly dress to fit the Valentine’s Day theme, but now I need to find a new one,” senior Abby Lohmann said.

I had this pink and sparkly dress to fit the Valentine’s Day theme, but now I need to find a new one,

— Abby Lohmann

The dance is a Parent Association event and is supported by various members. For instance, BSM parents and the staff at Golden Valley Country Club have worked together to fix the issue. The co-chairs of the dance, Nettie Katter and Amy Salmon, have been in charge of working around this unexpected problem to make sure the dance is still a go. As a result of the flooding, an agreement was made to reschedule the dance to April 1, 2023. Despite the new date not being until later, it was chosen with the certainty that the flood will be completely taken care of. “The new date was chosen for 2 reasons. First, it allows for extra time to have work completed at GVCC. We felt extra time would be important as supply chain issues are a recurring issue in many industries. Second, that date had the least amount of BSM school conflicts when checking with Ms. Koski,” school board member Jenna Murphy said.

Although changing the location of the dance could be an option, BSM feels strongly about keeping the dance at its original location, “It will remain at GVCC for the rescheduled event as we have a wonderful working relationship with the staff. The food and service is consistently top notch,” Murphy said.