New Horror Movie “M3gan” Shows The Future of AI in Society


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The movie M3gan displays the futuristic possibilities of a robotic takeover.

The new AI (Artificial Intelligence) based thrilling horror movie “M3gan” (Model 3 Generative Android) combines technological evolution with fear and tragedy. Distributed by the movie making machine Universal Pictures, M3gan was one of the first movies released in 2023.

This film stars Allison Williams & Violet McGraw as the two main characters, Gemma (Cady’s Aunt/electrical engineer) and Cady (young orphan) as well as Amie McDonald & Jenna Davis playing the doll M3gan. Following a family tragedy Cady was assigned to live with Gemma because she was the only “responsible” adult the authorities could find in her family. Due to this tragedy it was very difficult for Cady to adjust, which is where Gemma decided to design and construct a fully functioning human robot.

I think this movie was very well made not only by the producers, but also by the writers. This plot entails a very possible part of our future with the evolution of technology, especially when implemented into artificial intelligence and a human-like body. The dramatic suspense in this film was exquisite, making other people in the audience of the theater jump out of their seats as well as laugh at the rare but perfectly placed comedic moments in the movie.

The depiction of this horror film was put into play right away, no waiting necessary. Many different elements of Artificial Intelligence were put on display, and most of them seemed very realistic. Cady’s obsessive relationship with M3gan depicts the connection between people and technology in our day to day life, as Cady learns and interacts with M3gan she gets more and more addicted to being with her and it starts to take Aunt Gemma out of her life. As technology keeps improving and more access to satisfyingly quick stimulation arrives, we will need to stop future generations from being completely dependent on AI.

Why it Matters
This movie is relevant and relates to society today due to the fear humans have of AI and robots becoming dangerous to our civilization. We have created our own existence, but in films like these, we create our own demise. I believe that thoughts and films like these will keep our species aware that an AI takeover truly could be a possibility, even if humans are fighting humans with robots.