Food During C Lunch is Lacking, and Students are Not Happy


Casey Butner

Students feel frustrated by lack of food options at C lunch.

Since the beginning of the school year students have noticed the rapid decline in lunch options during C lunch. Being the last lunch of the day, many favorite meals are nowhere to be found, and students find themselves compromising in order to feed themselves.

Taher’s lunches typically have a reputation for being very well received. However, because of the popularity of some food, empty shelves are becoming more common as the majority of the quality options are out. The last lunch of the day, “C lunch” has seen more and more of its food vanish as all senior and junior high lunches come before it. Students with C lunch have become increasingly annoyed after waiting all day for lunch and finding nothing there. “They don’t fuel our bodies…I literally get chips for lunch,” sophomore Elliot Schultz said.

Naturally, it is difficult to accommodate everyone’s different food needs. The Taher staff is often seen working very hard on their food, but students are not happy with how fast it disappears. Long school days mixed with after school activities make a need for a nutritious meal at lunch, which is not being provided. “Multiple days last semester when I had C lunch the food just ran out,” freshman Nadia Ehlert said.

Multiple days last semester when I had C lunch the food just ran out,

— Nadia Ehlert

Many students at BSM also prefer to eat healthy. When not bringing their own lunch, it can be hard to find something that is healthy enough to fit their preferred diet. “I feel like a lot of kids during C lunch have no food left and they’re stuck with eating all the unhealthy options like chips,” senior Ashley Doyle said.

Although sometimes there is enough inventory, it is a common opinion that foods like fruit, salads, or vegetables will go bad and not be suitable to eat. Many students find a healthy diet important to their development, and it is a common opinion that Taher’s current lunch status is not fitting that. “In C lunch they don’t have chicken or fries, it makes me sad when they’re not there. And the fruit is always bad,” sophomore Hannah Doyle said.

Despite this being a prevalent problem, students are eager to make this situation work. Many have stated that they are in favor of Taher’s food, and just simply want a higher quantity of it. “There’s not enough food being made. And I think to solve this problem, I’d just get more food and make more,” Ashley Doyle said.