Jerry Pettinger Takes on New Role as Co-Director of Facilities


Kevin Kane

After 27 years as Athletic and Activities Director, Jerry Pettinger is taking on a new role as Co-Director of Facilities.

Jerry Pettinger has worked at Benilde-St. Margaret’s for 27 years as the athletic and activities director. Next year, Pettinger will switch roles to become Co-Director of Facilities. After nearly three decades of work, Pettinger is excited to try something new in an area where he can contribute to the school in different ways.

Pettinger has enjoyed his time as Director of Athletics and Activities, especially due to what he believes is an excellent work environment at BSM. But when the opportunity to try something new within a working environment that he enjoys came up, he was glad to make the switch. “I think after almost three decades it’s a good time and a good opportunity for change,” Pettinger said.

Pettinger is uniquely qualified for the position; he already has great knowledge of the school and its operation due to his experience as Athletic and Activities Director. “I’m very familiar with the building and how things run… And I think it’s going to work out well for both the school and myself.” Pettinger said.

I’m very familiar with the building and how things run… And I think it’s going to work out well for both the school and myself.

— Jerry Pettinger

He is obviously excited about the change. He thinks the biggest challenge to overcome will be the unknown aspects of his new job. However, he is excited to take on the challenge and try something new. “I’ve never been Co-Facilities Director before so, for me, the biggest change is probably the unknown. I know what I’m doing after 27 years. I know the building and how things should run but there are going to be some things I don’t know about [in this new position],” Pettinger said.

One of the most important reasons Pettinger addressed on why he chose to stay at BSM is due to the wonderful sense of community and connections to his coworkers. Working at a religious school allows him to feel a better sense of purpose and allows him to make a deeper connection to his work. “I know the people who work here think of it as more than just a job. It’s their passion. It’s kind of a ministry to them working in a Catholic school. And I think that applies to me as well,” Pettinger said.