Check-In with the Girl’s Hockey Team


Courtesy of Addie Morris

The BSM Girls Hockey team celebrates after beating North Wright County.

The girls hockey team at Benilde-St. Margaret’s is roughly half way through their 2022-2023 season. The team has been adjusting and getting into the flow of working with new team members. The team so far is 8-4-2 with 11 games left to go before sections.

The season started off great for the girls. They have been working hard for their goals. “It has been going pretty well. I would say in the beginning we were winning the games that we should win, and I think currently we might be in a little midseason slump, but I think we’re improving,” senior captain Annie Juckniess said.

With the end of the season in sight it is important to have the team working together. Making sure that they are strong for their last part of the year. “I think we’re getting closer and closer to our final step in the season and I think everything is slowly coming together,” junior Avalyn Mikkelson said.

The freshman have a big adjustment to make. They are used to playing at the pace of their youth hockey programs and have to change into the varsity level. “I think they are definitely getting the hang of it. It’s hard to step in from youth hockey and go right to [into] high school.” junior Lizzy Hamel said.

The chemistry of the team is still strong. They have been doing things as a team on the ice as well as off. “ I think our team overall has a really good chemistry on and off the ice and I feel like everyone really gets along super well,” senior captain Abby Garvin said.

The girls have many strengths. While their speed is a big factor, so is the penalty kill. “Our penalty kill. It has been a big strength for us because it gets the team hyped up when we get hyped up we start scoring,” sophomore Addie Morris said.

Along with their strengths this season, they have also struggled with putting the puck in the net. “Scoring definitely gives us a lot of opportunities but burying them in the net is always a struggle,” Juckiness said.

In the beginning of the season, Co-Head Coach Kelly Pannek wasn’t with the team very much. With her being back, the team seems to benefit. “Kelly Panneck…has been in and out [with] playing on the national team and being on our coaching staff. She has a really big part in all of the players’ growth and how our team is, and I think she’s making a really big impact this year,” Mikkelson said.