Craft Club Makes a Comeback


Courtesy of BSM Craft Club Instagram

BSM Craft Club members coloring snowmen during the Christmas-themed December meeting.

Benilde – St. Margaret’s has always offered their students a variety of sports, activities, and clubs that they are able to participate in. BSM has also made it very easy for students to start a new club/activity if they had not yet offered it. Juniors Maddie Katlsas, Paige Perry, and Matilda Pihart have taken advantage of this easy process and have recently started the BSM Craft Club.

Creating the new club was a surprisingly easy process for Pihart. “First we thought of the idea and then we talked to [athletic director Jerry Pettinger] to see if there was a club already. He said there was one last year, but the seniors graduated so he said it was fine if we started our own. Then we went to [assistant principal of activities and student life Cami Dahlstrom] and got a form to fill out for all the information. Then we just set a date and found an advisor [art teacher Kate Mitch],” Pihart said.

Meeting about once a month, students are able to attend craft clubs to take time out of their day to relax and destress from school. “We wanted to create a fun, easy, low key club that people could come to and just enjoy and relax because school can be really stressful,” Perry said.

The new club has a welcoming and friendly environment that makes students excited to join. “I really liked the atmosphere and the people there and it was just a really chill experience and it made me feel good,” junior member Chloe Bowers said.

Kaltsas, Perry, and Pihart plan the crafts that they will make at that meeting based on seasonal events. “We make fun, different, seasonal crafts. At our Christmas meeting, we made Christmas crafts, like origami trees and coloring sheets,” Perry said.

The club also offers different levels of crafts so everyone is able to participate. “We usually have [different] options to do so you can do the easier option which would be a coloring sheet, or the harder option [which] was an origami tree and then you could make [paper] snowflakes,” Kaltsas said.

While they did not have the most members at their first meeting, those members who did go plan to attend more meetings in the future and tell their friends about the club. “I plan to continue attending because it was just a fun experience overall and I got to spend time with my friends, which was also really nice,” Bowers said.