What to Buy Family Members for Christmas


Monica Beutz

Presents under the tree waiting to be opened on Christmas.

Christmas coming up fast? Have some family members that are impossible to buy gifts for? Look no further for inspiration than the Knight Errant gift guide! The Christmas season is a perfect time to show your appreciation to those you love, and there is no shame in looking for help for ideas. 

There is a lot of pressure buying a Christmas gift for your mom because she is usually the one behind all the gifts you receive, even if your siblings swear they shelled out the cash for your gift. There is always the option of a homemade gift like a beautifully decorated heart-warming letter or a knit scarf, but if you are not the crafty type there are still many options. All moms deserve a break from time to time, so a gift card to her favorite spa for a massage or facial would always be appreciated. If you want a little more glitz and glamor when it comes time for opening presents, you can wrap up a custom made puzzle with a photo of your choosing. It could be a family photo, but if we are being serious most moms would probably rather have a custom  puzzle of their pet. 

When it comes to buying a gift for your dad you have to be careful because they are brutally honest. That’s why you should play it safe and get them something you know they already love. Something like their favorite candy or snack. Looking for something a little bigger? Try buying a nice wool sweater. 

Sisters should be pretty easy to buy for because girls never shut up about what they don’t have. If you can tune in to your sister’s droning monologue for just a few minutes you should be able to pick up a few good ideas. If that is too difficult, luckily you have the Knight Errant to help you out. Most girls would really appreciate a luxury hair or skin product which might break the bank, but it would get you on their good side for a few weeks. If that’s not her style, or if you can’t bring yourself to buy a bottle of Bumble and Bumble shampoo for $84, then try to find a cozy blanket or robe. 

Most brothers can be satisfied with one of two things: sports or food. Usually it depends on their age, but find something related to either of those two categories and you’re golden. If they are a new driver, or just broke, a gift card to their favorite drive-thru would be well received. Or find a nice golf polo and a pack of Titleist Pro V1s and they’ll be one step closer to leaving the house for a four hour—five if you’re lucky— round of golf.