Red Knights Prepare for their Winter Break Plans


Madison Kadlec

Some students get an early start on winter break.

Winter break is quickly approaching at Benilde-St. Margaret’s and many students tend to travel. It is the perfect time to get out of Minnesota’s cold winters. Students also go to visit family and celebrate Christmas. For some it is an annual trip or just a time to spend with family who live in a warmer climate.

Meanwhile some students are stuck at home due to sports. They have a commitment, but it comes with a cost. Hockey is a very time consuming sport, and it is hard to miss a single day. “I have so much hockey, and I have some games that I can’t miss,” sophomore Brooklyn Riley said

Sadly, for sophomore Addie Morris, hockey also comes at a cost of seeing her immediate family, who live in Wyoming. She is unable to visit them for very long because she has a tournament over break. “My dad and brothers aren’t here, and I can only visit them for three days because of our games over the break. I don’t get to see them very often, and I’m really disappointed that I don’t have very much time with them,” Morris said.

I’m going to South Dakota for a basketball tournament,

— Kate Kapsner

Other students are leaving for Christmas break with their teams. Girls basketball, for instance, is going out of state. Sophomore Kate Kapsner usually has a trip with her family over the long break but now has tournaments with the team. “I’m going to South Dakota for a basketball tournament,” Kapsner said.

Many students have extended family living in other states, so students also leave to celebrate with their relatives. “All my mom’s side is [in Wisconsin] and we celebrate Christmas with them,” sophomore Alex Luke said.

Others are traveling for other occasions with their families. It is a long break for almost all students and families, so people tend to use the time to celebrate not only Christmas but other holidays. “It’s my dad’s birthday on the 28th, so [we travel] for that too,” junior Shale Hornig said.

Some students aren’t escaping the cold, but are going to a different state that is just as cold. Sophomore David Birch is going skiing over break. The past couple of years we’ve [traveled] to Colorado…[to] ski,” Birch said.