Many Students Find Christmas Joy Through Time with Family


Carter House

The BSM community enjoys receiving material gifts, but enjoy the gift of family time more

For many, the glamor and joy of the holiday season is only added onto by receiving gifts. Hours of effort and care are put into purchasing presents for loved ones every year, and everything paying off once the wrapping paper is removed encapsulates the beauty of the holidays perfectly. The excitement of unboxing the perfect holiday gift is a memorable experience, but for both students and staff at BSM, time with family and friends is the best gift during the holiday season.

For adults who may not spend nearly as much time with their family as they would like, the holiday season in itself is enough of a present. Mr. Mark Peterson, science teacher at BSM, values this family time more than any possible Christmas gift. “I want to spend a few days with all my family together, have several meals throughout the holiday season where all my children and grandchildren are all together,” Peterson said.

Spending time with loved ones is very much treasured by students as well. Even with the many miscellaneous items that students desire as a Christmas present, family time is commonly seen near the top of the list. Senior Jackson Sando loves the family, but also has a few requests to go under the Christmas tree. “Words can’t really describe things that I want because I want to be with my family obviously, but if we’re going to tie a focus on material things, I want to give my dog a new bed. I’d also like to get some paint brushes, and maybe a new pair of kicks because I’ve been rocking with the same pair of Reeboks for a while,” Sando said.

I had a Christmas list when I was younger, but as I grew in my wisdom I just noticed that I don’t require the presents that I used to

— Jackson Sando

As students at BSM have aged into young adults, Christmas lists have almost ceased to exist. Most students have their own wants and needs for the holiday season, but making an actual list is a thing of the past for many. “I had a Christmas list when I was younger, but as I grew in my wisdom I just noticed that I don’t require the presents that I used to,” Sando said.

Although list-making and extravagant presents may be left in childhood, the memories from these days last forever, which is one beautiful thing about Christmas. That favorite Christmas gift from the past is always a core memory for all ages. “Got this race car set when I was probably 12. It was a slot car track, and the cars are like four or five inches so pretty big. We had a lot of fun because you could change the curves and the straightaways on the track. So there was a lot of enjoyment in that,” Peterson said.

Receiving exactly what you wanted is an unmatched feeling during the holiday season. However, as both students and teachers have aged, it’s clear that experiences with loved ones have become a priority. As this Christmas approaches, memories and will be made whether receiving a gift or spending quality time with family and friends.