Boogie wit da Hoodie’s New Album “Me vs. Myself” is Pretty Average


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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie releases new album after two year hiatus

A Boogie wit Da Hoodie hadn’t released an official album since his third a little over 2 years ago and fans were wondering where he was. He revealed in an interview with Apple Music the reason for his absence before the release of his recent album. These last 2 years it was revealed that he was tending to his mother who had been diagnosed with cancer while dealing with the loss of one his best friends PnB Rock in September. However, he came back into the spotlight on Friday December 9 with the release of Me vs. Myself.

“It was a lot of negative things going on at the time I was making the album. I appreciate everything that literally happens in my life towards bringing it out to the music anyway…This feels like my best project in that way where I can really listen to something in the car, something in the crib at the same time I was going out, still hearing it in the club. This is my favorite vibe right now,” A Boogie wit Da Hoodie said in an interview with Zane Lowe.

A few songs are pretty memorable to me in this album. “Needed That” , which was dedicated to PnB Rock, is on the deluxe edition. “B.R.O.” (Better Ride Out) features additional tone thanks to other notorious rapper Roddy Ricch who is featured on the track. “Come Here” combines his lyrical flow and his tones, but for me it never really moves past the initial greatness that his lyrics have been in the past. “February” serves as a reminder that “taking me for granted” never fully pays off. Me vs. Myself still addresses this topic, despite its name.

Despite this, there isn’t enough content to the album’s overall length. You use the “skip” button a lot because there are 23 tracks in all. The album occasionally drifts into A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s familiar area, particularly in the collaboration with Lil Durk on “D*mn Homie,” which appears in the middle of the album. The album never really takes off, but does a pretty solid job describing A Boogie’s two personalities .

Lil Durk makes 2 appearances and smoothly merges into the album with his unique sounds complementing one another, as he previously has. The album’s greatest track, in my opinion, is “Man in the Mirror,” which emphasizes the good parts of Me vs. Myself. In my opinion, the album doesn’t sound bad, but it definitely is not boogie’s best work.

I’m sure that A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie fans who have been listening to it for a while will find a lot to enjoy in its hour and nine minutes of music, but this album does not quite match the other albums he has published in the past years. If he would have stuck to his regular style which fans have recently loved, his rating would be much higher.