Where did Kevin’s Calculator Go?


Kevin Kane

Wanted: Kevin Kane’s calculator. Please contact Kevin with any sightings of his beloved math tool.

For nearly his entire high school career, Kevin has cherished, cared for, and made numerous memories with his TI-Nspire CX II from Texas Instruments. Memories such as writing his name multiple times on his calculator to ensure it would be returned to him in the case of it being lost, and commissioning an artist to draw an illustration of a cat inside its cover. But even so, the best memory of all is the friendship made along the way. The two have endured triumphs and failures: failed countless calculus exams, taken the ACT, and performed basic addition thousands of times.

Nonetheless, today, Tuesday the 14th of December he found his calculator was missing, gone, departed, skedaddled, vamoosed. Where has Kevin’s friend gone? Is he lost, stolen, or misplaced? The last sighting of his old friend was during Calculus class. After performing several calculations together, as all good things do, the class came to an end. As Kevin went on with his day, he sat through his enchanting Philosophy class, discussed robotics with his peers in his engineering class, and finally, he left for physics. However, this would be no normal trip to physics…

Upon arrival at his locker, he realized something alarming: his calculator was nowhere in sight. Not on the shelf, not in his backpack, where could it have gone? A quick trip to his math class raised more questions: it wasn’t there either. Where was it? Gone forever? He searched far and wide, ultimately having to give up his search to be in time for class. When he returned home after more searching he felt defeated. He had searched everywhere but had made seemingly no progress. He felt himself, once again, asking the question: where had his calculator gone?

Sadly one can only speculate where his friend has gone. Did someone take it by accident, or was it an attempt at revenge? Maybe a simple act of desperation for an upcoming test. It could be sitting on a desk somewhere, or in a pocket left unchecked in Kevin’s backpack.

No matter where Kevin’s calculator is, it is still missing. Only you can help this tragedy come to a Hallmark ending and reunite Kevin with his TI-Nspire CX II from Texas Instruments. If you have any information please, do not hesitate to fill out this form before it’s too late and make a Christmas miracle come true. In addition, Kevin may have a math test coming up very soon, so uh, if you could get on that, that would be wonderful.