Taylor Swift’s Presale Disappointed Many Devoted Fans


Genevieve DeCesare

Junior Anna Amaris looking to buy presale tickets for Taylor Swift’s Concert.

Famous singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift recently dropped a new album called “Midnights” along with announcing her “Eras Tour.” As expected, this has made her fans go wild trying to get tickets. Although the idea of Swift going back on tour was supposed to be exciting for her fans, it turned out to be more stressful and problematic than that.

On November 1st, Swift announced that she will be doing “The Eras Tour.” Right now, it consists of shows in 26 different cities across the U.S. including one in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the Xcel Energy Center on June 24th and 25th, 2023.

Presale tickets were released on Nov. 15 for Swift’s tour which created chaos among her fans. Through the website “Ticketmaster,” fans were able to access the tickets by entering a presale code. “You get in a line and you basically wait for a very long time. Once you get through to the line, they send you an email and they explain that next week you’re gonna get another email that says whether you get a code or not and it’s randomized,” junior Sophia Parish said.

As expected, this luck of the draw process caused disappointment for those who didn’t receive a presale code. Those who did receive one were sent a link that placed you in a waiting room. “I was in the waiting room for seven hours before getting the presale code,” junior Shale Hornig said.

I was in the waiting room for seven hours before getting the presale code

— Shale Hornig

Once it was someone’s turn to leave the waiting room, ticket options popped up. This step needed to be completed quickly since everyone was trying to get tickets at once. In the end, 2.4 million people were able to purchase a ticket. This is the most tickets ever sold in one day for a single artist according to the Ticketmaster Business website.

Considering millions of fans were on Ticketmaster all at once, the high demand for tickets crashed the website. Swift then took to her Instagram story to explain how this caused the cancellation of public sale tickets. When both presale and general admission tickets were not accessible, fans became angry. “It was frustrating not getting either the presale ticket or general admission,” junior Katie Wade said.

There are hopes that this setback will get figured out and Swift’s fans will be able to see her live. However, there’s still a lot to be resolved in order for Swift to successfully go on this tour.