Tom Brady is Overrated


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The 2022-2023 NFL season has been full of problems for the 45 year-old quarterback, Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is struggling right now in the National Football Team (NFL). Brady has lost 5 out of his last 8 games and many people are questioning if the seventh-time superbowl champion quarterback is done after this year.

Almost every NFL fan ever will immediately say that Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time, but I would beg to differ. He has been the product of incredibly well put together teams and systems that are very quarterback friendly. Look at Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe, both are new to the NFL and have played great games under Bill Belichick (New England’s head coach), with career pass ratings of 88.4 and 100.9. This shows just how good Bill Belichick’s coaching is for a quarterback of any experience.

Not only has good coaching benefitted Brady, but he’s probably the luckiest football player to ever play the game. In Super Bowl 38, the opposing kicker booted the ball out of bounds on the kick off, giving him a shorter field on his game winning drive. Another example is the infamous Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons where the biggest second half collapse in the history of the NFL postseason happened. Or Super Bowl 49, where the Seattle Seahawks decided against all good thought and reason to throw the ball on the one yard line which was intercepted by the defense. There are more examples all throughout his career, but I can’t name them all here.

There is no way you win 7 rings without being a good player, but I think he gets a lot more credit than he deserves,

— CJ Sauer

The luckiest part of his whole career in my opinion, is his placement in the American Football Conference (AFC) East. The AFC East is historically one of the worst divisions in football. During Brady’s 19 year career in New England, the other three teams in the division collectively appeared in the postseason 12 times, usually losing in the first round. This shows how truly bad the division was while he was there.

Although I think Brady is overrated, he is still a good quarterback. There is no way you win 7 rings without being a good player, but I think he gets a lot more credit than he deserves. His durability is unmatched, only missing 15 games to injury and 4 games due to suspension over his 21 year career as a starter. His playstyle, although very safe and boring, is effective at moving the ball 5-10 yards at a time. Tom Brady is a good, maybe even great quarterback, but he definitely is not the greatest of all time.