Elliot Huether Commits to St. Thomas to Play D1 Football


Courtesy of Elliot Huether

Elliot Huether recently committed to St. Thomas to play division 1 football.

As the 2023 class approaches graduation, seniors are slowly finding their next home. High school athletes have the opportunity to talk to coaches and find a fit based on their sport, which has helped senior and football captain, Elliot Huether to commit to St. Thomas.

Huether started playing football in the third grade. Although he took a break after fourth grade to play soccer, he continued his career in 10th grade and has been in the sport since. One of his favorite things coming from football is being able to bond with his teammates. “[My favorite thing about football is] probably the brotherhood that you get playing with the team,” Huether said.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s football coach Sean McMenomy has helped Huether in his connection with universities. Huether committed as a kicker, punter and kickoff specialist, but also plays on the BSM team as a wide receiver. “Coach Mack has helped me [with] reaching out to colleges and the recruiting process, but I’ve done a lot of reaching out to coaches [such as] emailing people,” Huether said.

Huether defined St. Thomas as being a great fit for him and is excited to further his football career in the future. “I think it’s a great fit for me not only as a school, academic wise, but also the coaches there seem really interested in me,” Huether said.

I think it’s a great fit for me not only as a school, academic wise, but also the coaches there seem really interested in me,

— Elliot Huether

McMenomy explained how committed Huether was to the sport. Although he explained that he published his highlights and helped get Huether’s name out, McMenomy ultimately pointed out that it was all Huether’s work ethic that helped him to commit and improve. “He’s out there by himself. Him and his dad are out there, kicking and punting, and going in these camps and showcases, putting the time in and making it important,” McMenomy said.

Due to these high standards Huether has for himself,, McMenomy explains much of his coaching focuses on talking through things and going through “If-then” scenarios. His main advice towards Huether’s future is to never settle, keep striving for the best, and to just go with the flow. “Whenever you have high expectations for yourself and other people have high expectations for you…[it] gets so hard on us…so just relax. You [have] plenty of time,” McMenomy said.