Axel Esco Commits For Lacrosse


Courtesy of Axel Esco

Starting lacrosse goalie Axel Esco commits to Queens University of Charlotte

A big name in the BSM community, junior Axel Esco, recently committed to Queens University of Charlotte for lacrosse as a goalie.

Esco had been talking to multiple schools such as University of Wagner and Quincy University, but he ultimately decided to head in a different direction. Queens University of Charlotte is a smaller school compared to others, but Esco believes it brings the best out in each and every student, both academically and in sports. “I really liked the school. I like the campus. It can bring me a higher education while still being able to pursue my goal of playing D1 lacrosse,” Esco said.

Esco first started playing lacrosse in Delano, back in third grade. At the time he had been playing baseball and basketball as well, but felt sick of both and wanted to focus on a different sport. A youth lacrosse camp came to his school which he really enjoyed. It forced him to step outside his comfort zone and try something new. “I started playing lacrosse in Delano, back in third grade…. I did this lacrosse camp that came to our school and I really enjoyed the sport,” Esco said.

Esco has been playing lacrosse ever since, and he still enjoys it to this day. He feels grateful that he decided to try out that lacrosse camp in 3rd grade. “That was one of the key moments that inspired me to keep playing lacrosse,” Esco said.

Goalies require a lot of mental concentration and strength when on the field. A lot of goalies get in their own head when they let a goal in, but Esco feels one of his best qualities is not getting too flustered and moving onto the next possession. Esco is the starting goalie this year and feels that he needs to have a lot more mental attentiveness than at other positions. “Being a goalie is a lot more taxing than a lot of other players on the field,” Esco said.

As of right now, Esco and the BSM lacrosse team have one ultimate goal for this year, to take the state championship home for the second consecutive year. Esco wants to show everyone that he can be a great goalie both this year and his senior year. “I want to showcase what I can do, and I want to take full advantage of this season,” Esco said.