BSM Students Shave Away Stigma Around Being Bald


Courtesy of Sam Peters

BSM seniors Jelani Waynewood and Sam Peters shave their heads in support of cancer patients.

With long hair trending as a male haircut, look for the few students with more unique hairstyles. Bald is the next big thing, and three Benilde-St. Margaret’s students are setting new trends. But be warned, shaving your head is a daunting task and is not for everyone.

Samuel Peters, a BSM senior, shaved his head with senior Jelani Waynewood. Peters and Waynewood did it to start a gym phase and to mark a pivoting moment where they get their stuff together. This seems to be a common reason for people to shave their heads because Gus Ronlund, a junior at BSM shaved his head for the same reason. “I really think shaving your head is a great way to turn a new leaf and change who you are. I feel empowered by it, and like nothing can hold down,” Peters said.

Going bald is not for the faint of heart. Those students that have shaved their heads will say that they are constantly being reminded of their lack of hair. They are being told which celebrities they look like without their hair and having people touch their head with or without consent. “You know it’s pretty constant because I get slapped in the head like 20 times… [people say I look like] David Gogggins and LeBron,” Waynewood said.

The process of shaving your head is a scary one and is hard to commit to. “I remember when my friend Henry shaved his head with me over the summer. He was pacing around unwilling to sit in the chair and looking for a way out,” Ronlund said.

A concern people have before shaving their head is if their head will get cold. Ronlund, Waynewood and Peters have all said that their heads do not get cold, even during the night. “There is a common theory going around that bald people’s heads get cold at night. This is a lie. It’s a sham. It’s not true,” Peters said.

These three students are setting new trends at Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Although there are many hairstyles to choose from, those who have the courage to go bald are truly special.