Sports Teams Get Creative With Dress Up Days


Lily Butner

The girls’ volleyball team dressed up as characters from the Despicable Me movie the day of their section finals game.

A typical theme amongst sports teams at BSM is to do a team dress up at school on the day of the team’s meet, game, match, or performance. There’s quite some variety throughout each team’s approach to this BSM tradition.

This season in particular, the girls’ volleyball team has been known for their one of a kind school dress up themes. Senior Anna Lervick mentions how the team is pretty creative as a whole, hence the ideas they come up with for their dress up themes. “Honestly it’s kind of someone new everytime. We like to come up with the ideas collectively as a team so usually we have everyone on the team talking about their ideas leading up to game day and then we all decide together,” Lervick said.

In Lervick’s opinion, despite the looks that her and her teammates get at school in their funky outfits, the team members love seeing their teammates in the halls and doing this tradition in the halls. “I like when we wear suits or like, frat boy day cause it’s really funny and I love seeing all the other girls around the school dressed in their outfits,” Lervick said.

I like when we wear suits or like, frat boy day cause it’s really funny and I love seeing all the other girls around the school dressed in their outfits,

— Anna Lervick


Other sports teams go a different route than the volleyball team. The boys’ hockey team at BSM is known for dressing in suits on game day however, unknown to most, there is significance behind each dress up throughout the season. “The team wears different attire based on if it’s a home or away game, and how good the team that we are playing is. So like if we are going to be playing a really hard team we will wear full suits and ties but if the competition isn’t going to be as hard, we just wear business casual or our team warmups,” junior hockey player Mason Stenger said.

This season, the girls’ soccer team has been spotted in the BSM halls wearing their matching black cat ears. “We always buy something at Ragstock in Duluth and basically the only thing that they had like 20 of was cat ears. So we went with it,” junior soccer player Brooklyn Miller said.

On the same note as the volleyball team, the soccer girls enjoy seeing their teammates during the school day and bonding over the dress up theme for that day. “It’s really fun to see everyone in the hallways and see what everyone comes up with for that day’s dress up,” junior soccer player Jessica Decowski said.

Team dress ups are one of BSM’s many traditions that lots of students take pride in and enjoy participating in. Whether each individual team keeps the same tradition over the course of many years, or switches it up each game day, the various approaches make this tradition so unique.