Boys Soccer Prepares for Sections


Noah Hong

Sophmore Jack Larew takes a shot at Chanhassen goalie.

Gabby Nyquist, Editor

The Red Knight Varsity Boys Soccer team is kicking it into gear for sections starting this week. With a record of 8-5-1, the team is preparing for a hopefully successful run in sections. Their first section game will be Thursday October 13 at home against Delano.

The team is feeling confident going into sections as they hope to finish off their season strong. They are also anticipating a good turnout from their supporters. “I’m expecting to win. I’m expecting a lot of fans to be there and overall, ending up the senior season on a high note,” senior captain Ryan Baird said.

The section tournament isn’t expected to be easy for the team. They will be playing some difficult and competitive teams but they believe they can rise to the challenge. “I’m excited to see if we can play at that upper level and maintain that upper level because I think if we can, we can have a good run at it…I expect you know, strong competition from the other teams, but I expect our guys to really pull it together and work hard and give it their all,” co-head coach Dave Platt said.

I expect our guys to really pull it together and work hard and give it their all

— Dave Platt

The team feels that their season so far has been a little rocky but overall good. There were some upsets but there were also some memorable moments of great playing. “I would say our season has been up and down quite a bit this year. We’ve had some moments and some games where we played really well. And, you know, we’ve obviously won some games. But we’ve also had some games where we have lost and we shouldn’t have or we tied,” Platt said.

The overall team culture has been positive and good this year, except for some tough moments after a few losses. The team added several new players this year but they were able to bond on a team trip to Camp Voyageur early in the season, which went well. “It’s been really well, except for some rough patches when we lost a couple games in a row. Then we kind of go back and forth at each other, but it’s been overall good,” Baird said.

With sections around the corner, there is a lot to look forward to for the team. They are hoping for some epic moments that they can cherish forever. “I think my favorite memory is in the future, during sections. Yeah, that’s when it’s gonna happen,” Platt said.