Lights, Camera, Action: BSM Students Start New Film Club


Brook Wenande

Beth Heymans and Ella Cantwell are the founders of the BSM film club.

In the midst of a new school year at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, many new student activities are kicking off. Among the plethora of new clubs, seniors Ella Cantwell and Beth Heymans have launched Film Club. The club is designed for students to create and admire all sorts of films. From Hollywood movies to iPhone shot short-films, Film Club will do it all this school year.

Founders Cantwell and Heymans started speculating about the concept of Film Club at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. They spent the summer planning and are now officially launching the club this school year. “I came up with the idea last year, but I just started it this year,” Cantwell said.

Brainstorming ideas, filming skits, and viewing films are some of the numerous activities that take place at a Film Club meeting. They plan on having their first meeting soon due to the numerous students that signed up at the activity fair. The club currently stands at 40 registrations. No prior experience is necessary to participate in this setting. Cantwell wants to give students the opportunity to be creative and enjoy themselves while making fun videos. “I have always liked making skits and stuff with my friends when I was little just for fun – that’s what motivated me to start this club,” Cantwell said.

I have always liked making skits and stuff with my friends when I was little just for fun – that’s what motivated me to start this club,

— Ella Cantwell

Looking to the future, Cantwell wants to have movie premiere meetings where members will show off the films they have created. Each premiere will have a theme for the club to follow, so every film displayed will be similar. Even if one does not aspire to film their own videos, they are still able to come watch the premieres. The club is open to all and there is something for everyone. In addition to the home-made short films, the club will also be watching Hollywood produced movies. Afterwards, the members will discuss their thoughts on the movies. “We’ll make the short films or movies, and then people can show them off. Then we’ll also just watch other films in the club,” Heymans said.

Anyone interested in this club is more than welcome to join by contacting Ella Cantwell or Beth Heymans. The founders said that there is no limit to how many students can join and they want to be there for anybody that is interested in film. The duo speculates that the first meeting will be scheduled very soon and they are excited to get started.