BSM students write to sick patients with “letters of love” club


Callie Ebbert

Members of Letters of Love writing to patients.

With a heartwarming name, “Letters of Love” is a new volunteer club this school year led by three seniors Callie Ebbert (President), Micheala Dooley (Vice President), and Sophia Salmon (Marketing and outreach). This club is a branch of the non profit organization called, “Letters of Love Global”. It has managed to send 90,000 letters to patients. Other schools such as Prior Lake, Saint-Louis Park, and Orono also offer the club L.O.L.

This is done by writing letters that include fun designs and words of encouragement. There’s no specific hospital that will receive these letters. Instead, it can change each time a meeting is held. This way, more people can get a letter. “This club’s purpose is to brighten the lives of those going through hard times whether that’s a medical reason or something else. Typically, these cards are sent to kids, so making cards is not only a super easy way to reach out to them, but it’s also such a special way, since everything is handmade from members,” senior Micheala Dooley said.

To start this club off, some teams at BSM, like the girls’ tennis team, got together outside of their sport to write letters, “I had a really good experience, [making cards] was super fun! I loved that I was able to create cards for kids struggling in the hospital and felt like I was making a difference in the world,” sophomore Josie Dvorak said.

I enjoyed writing letters and thought it was a good way to help bond our team together

— Benedict

Another team that has written letters is the Girl’s Swim and Dive along with Girl’s JV and Varsity Volleyball teams. “I enjoyed writing letters and thought it was a good way to help bond our team together,” swimmer Lauren Benedict said.

Sports teams aren’t the only ones that can participate in this club. Without even holding their first meeting, L.O.L through BSM has already sent 160 letters. Everyone is encouraged to sign up! You can apply by going to the signup genius in their instagram account “lettersoflovebsm” and enter your name to join! Out of the 90 spots, 81 are already taken so now is your chance! The rundown of what goes on during the meetings is, “There will be paper, markers, and stickers. You can write as many letters as you want. And there’ll be donuts at the first meeting!” Salmon said.

L.O.L is not only for a good cause, but it includes everyone and brings them together to help those in need.