Homecoming Game Timing: Not Ideal


Lara DePauw

BSM football players will now be playing in the homecoming game Saturday afternoon.

Friday night highschools have always had the title of “Friday Night Football”, and the fall homecoming game specifically is no exception to this. The National Federation of State High School, and all 50 states took on the declaration; “Be it RESOLVED that every Friday night during the fall in America is ‘High School Football Night” to prove its importance. It’s a custom that Benilde St. Margaret’s has followed as well – until the school year of 2022 came along.

The Friday before homecoming used to be a day full of fun and action. With activities in the pep fest ranging from the boy-girl dance to senior girls wearing their self-made overalls, it’s an exciting atmosphere. After school, students go home to get ready by going “all-out” for the theme of the game. Some students spend their time before getting dressed, or doing their hair and makeup to match. Others prefer to start rallying up for the night! All the cheering and yelling and jumping at the game gets people tired and ready for bed.

Although the issue of being short staffed on referees wasn’t the school’s fault, it caused a bit of an issue on the students’ schedule. Now, with the game being at 12pm on Saturday, it doesn’t have the same feel. The darkness that sweeps over the sky brings down students’ stress levels. The feeling of the weekend coming allows them to know that the school day is over, and the weekend is coming! However, the bright light from daytime makes it feel like any other day, it doesn’t give the excitement that the dusk brings.

Another downside to this change are the plans people make before homecoming. Many people like to shower and then meet at a friend’s house to get ready. Although with the time slot given, it should be seemingly enough time, it must be kept in mind that there is another section to homecoming that happens before the dance. It’s not unlikely for people to enjoy going out to dinner or another fun activity, as well as taking pictures. Many have talked about how they feel rushed – and even have considered not going to the game. Although everyone wants to show their support for our team, they just don’t feel like they have the time to get ready.

Overall, I believe that although the school isn’t at fault for the reason for the change, the new timing of the game causes an inconvenience and a wedge in student’s homecoming day schedules. I think that the modification will result in the loss of a huge section of the student presence at the game.