It’s Time to Change BSM’s Calendar Schedule


Courtesy of BSM's Website

BSM school calendar from March through June

It is currently that weird stretch of time where it feels like everyone is on summer break but me. My older siblings in college have been done for a few weeks, and my friends at other schools just wrapped up their year. Yet here I am still trudging through school as I take tests and complete assignments. It feels unfair that I have to be on a different schedule than everyone else. So, I think the school year should start earlier in August so we get out earlier in May.

The majority of colleges in the United States have a schedule where the students start summer break in early May, and therefore start their first semesters in the middle of August. Seniors at BSM and many other high schools in the state will find themselves having shorter summers due to our schedule where we start later in the summer and get out later in the spring. This means their last summers as “kids” will also be their shortest.

Also students with siblings in college get to spend less time with them upon their arrival. This can be especially sad for those with siblings who attend a college out of state or far away. As a college prep school, BSM should have a schedule that is more similar to colleges.

Many high schools in other states also get out in May. Some of my childhood friends that have since moved out of Minnesota are now enjoying their summer breaks. Also influencers and famous people who are still in high school in other states are done with their academic year. I see on social media all the summer fun they are already having and it makes me jealous and unmotivated. It is hard for me to stay engaged and driven in school when my phone is telling me its summer.

Another reason I feel my schedule should be adjusted is AP tests. Many high school students take at least one or more AP tests in May. All the kids in the world taking the test have to take them on the same day, so those whose school’s start earlier have an advantage. They get more days of learning and studying in school than I do. Also, now that AP tests are done I am doing nothing in my AP classes. We are just passing the time with movies and projects that aren’t necessary to the course. My time in those classes would be better spent learning in August than relaxing for several weeks in May and June.

I am well aware that many people enjoy our current schedule. So I don’t expect a change anytime soon. Also almost all surrounding schools in the twin cities follow a similar schedule to us. However, I hope that someday in the future schools across the country at all levels find a way to adapt to a common schedule.