Boys Tennis Reflects on the Season


Courtesy of BSM Boys Tennis on instagram

The team enjoys dinner together after a match

After a fun and competitive season, BSM boys tennis has officially wrapped up for the year. Their season lasted around 2 months and the team consisted of 15 members. They played a total of 15 matches as a team.

Out of the 16 sections in the state for boys tennis (eight in class A and eight in class AA) the team competes in the one with the second highest rank: 6AA. Meaning they are in one of the hardest sections. This year the team did fairly well in the section tournament, especially in comparison to recent years. “We made it the furthest we have in like six or eight years. We made it to the section semis and then lost to the number ranked team in the state: Blake,” Junior Mathew Robinson said.

The team is currently ranked number 21 in the state, according to MN High School Tennis. The team felt their most even competitor was Eastview who they beat 4-3 in sections. Their final game of the season was against Blake with a score of 3-4 which showed improvement from their match against them earlier in the season which ended with a score of 2-5. Throughout the entirety of the season the team won 9 games and lost 6. “We lost five matches in the regular season, and then we lost one in the playoffs. So, we had six losses total,” Robinson said.

The essence of the team goes beyond how they play and how they score. The boys on the team get to spend a lot of time hanging out with each other between the many matches and practices. They get to cheer for one another while sharing a common appreciation for their sport. “I like the sport, but I also really like all the guys on the team. So just getting to hang out with them was really fun,” Robinson said.

The team is mostly underclassmen, with only 3 graduating seniors. So most players will be returning. While the seniors will be missed, the team will be in a good condition next year. “I’m excited for what next will bring, we have a lot of talented players on the team,” Robinson said.