Harry Styles’ new album “Harry’s House” welcomes fans home


Courtesy of Apple Music

Harry Styles’ new album is a hit and he performed live in New York on May 20.

Harry Styles is back with his third album: “Harry’s House”. Fans have been waiting for a new album for years and I will just say the wait was worth it.

Before you keep reading, know that this review was written by one of the biggest Harry Styles’ fans at BSM or even ever, so proceed with caution.

Track #1: Music For a Sushi Restaurant:

As the first track on “Harry’s House”, I think this song did a great job starting the album. It set the tone so well. It is so groovy and funky just like most of the album. The back vocals of this song I think are what really make it what it is. Honestly, that goes for the whole album. The harmonies and the way back vocals sound like instruments is amazing. This song is slightly messy but in a very good way. I think it really shows how far Styles has come from his days starting in 2010. This song is so loud in the way that it is so different than other songs by Styles just like this album is very different. Like I said, a great opening track and perfect for setting the tone for the album.

Track #2: Late Night Talking:

I have been so excited for this song ever since Styles performed it during his two weekends headlining the music festival, Coachella. This song has constantly been on repeat since he performed it and I’m so excited that it is finally released. This song reminds me of 80s/Phil Collins which just reminds me of my childhood when my dad used to always play Phil Collins in the car. This song just makes me want to dance and smile and I cannot wait to hear it live and for everyone else to finally hear it. The harmonies during the lyric “I won’t even try,” just scratch an itch in my brain, I can’t even explain it. That is honestly my favorite part of the whole song. This song is definitely in my top five of the whole album.

Track #3: Grapejuice:

I was very skeptical about this song when I first saw its title. To be fair, I was skeptical about the songs Kiwi, Cherry, and Watermelon Sugar but ended up loving them so I took it easy on this song. This song is one of the slower songs on the album. It’s more evening/stargazing/sunset vibes than sunny/driving/summer vibes. This is not a bad thing at all; Styles’s slow songs tend to be my favorites. I don’t know what it is about this song but it is just not my favorite. Knowing myself, it will probably grow on me over the next couple of months. It definitely is not a bad song, just not my favorite on the album.

Track #4: As It Was:

I have already reviewed this song on the Knight Errant which you can read here: Harry Styles’ new single “As It Was” is just what we needed. This song is still my favorite Styles single maybe ever and the review still stands.

Track #5: Daylight:

I heard a snippet of this song when Styles was a guest on the Howard Stern show this past week. I immediately loved it. The lyric “If I was a bluebird, I would fly to you,” is one of the sweetest lyrics ever. Right when I heard it, I melted. The instruments in this song are also so good and just make me so happy for this song. The first time I listened, I couldn’t stop thinking about how excited I was to hear it live for the first time this fall. I absolutely cannot wait. The back vocals in this song are also so good and they all just combine so well.

Track #6: Little Freak:

When I first saw the title of this song, I thought it was gonna be very 80s rock-esque but it really is the opposite. It is one of the slower songs on “Harry’s House” along with Matilda, Love of my Life, and Grapejuice. This song almost has a scary tone with it but it is definitely sad. Like Grapejuice, it is definitely more of a night song than a sunny day song. This song reminds me a lot of Styles’s first album. I really like it though but I would not quite put it in my top three.

Track #7: Matilda:

This is my favorite song on the whole album. It is definitely the one that spoke to me the most. It is so cute and nice, I don’t think I will ever get sick of this song. One of the lyrics that I loved most was “You don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up.” Right when I heard this lyric, I just broke. With graduating in two weeks and going to college, this lyric just hit too close to home. The note progression in the bridge of this song is also so perfect. This song is definitely in my top five Harry songs of all time.

Track #8: Cinema

Ok, I have many good things to say about this song but first, I’m just angry it was right after Matilda. I was not prepared to be all groovy after sobbing to Matilda. That is one of the only bad things about this song. This song is so groovy and romantic and I also cannot wait to hear this song live. The lyric “I bring the pop to the cinema” is just so clever. We don’t really know if he’s talking about soda, popcorn, or even just his personality. This song literally makes me want to go to a disco and dance my heart out. New item added to the bucket list: Dance to Cinema under a disco ball.

Track #9: Daydreaming:

I was so excited to hear this song and it met all expectations. In 2021, I claimed track #9 off of Harry’s third album. I knew nothing about the album or anything, I just had a special feeling and I was so right for that. This song is so amazing. The instruments, the back vocals, I can’t get enough. This song is so happy and summery and I cannot wait to drive around this summer playing this song in the car. My mom loves her 70s music and she loved this song. This track also samples the song Ain’t We Funkin’ Now by The Brothers Johnson. That also just added to the whole 70s aspect and I think it was so clever.

Track #10: Keep Driving:

I absolutely love this track. It is in my top three songs on the album at the moment. It is so summery and such a good lake drive song and lake drive songs are essential for Minnesota summers. This song also feels like it just came out of a coming-of-age movie which I love. That is one of my favorite genres of movies so this song is just so good. The lyrics are a bit inappropriate so do not listen with young children but if you are mature enough, I definitely recommend it.

Track #11: Satellite:

I love, love, love this song. It is very surf rock-esque and also mentions LA so it is the perfect beach song. This song is also many of my friends’ favorite songs from the album. It is just so happy and upbeat which makes me love it so much. There’s one part towards the end where a ton of drums and guitar come in and it just makes the song complete. The song is so fulfilling and I cannot wait to hear it live. 

Track #12: Boyfriends:

This was another song that Styles played at Coachella. When I was watching the Coachella live stream and heard this song for the first time, I cried. Have I ever had a boyfriend? Nope. Is this song still amazing? Yes. One of my favorite songs from Harry’s second album “Fine Line” is the song Cherry. This song reminds me so much of Cherry which might be why I love it so much. I did fall asleep to this song and play it on repeat all night. It is definitely the most laid back song on the album which might be another reason I like it so much. The harmonies on this song are everything and I have been thinking about them ever since Styles sang it at Coachella.

Track 13: Love of My Life:

This was a great song to end the album. This song was the song that played in the background of the album trailer so the song that started the era also ended the album. I love the piano and how you can listen to this song when you’re sad and when you’re happy. I’m so excited to hear this song live and sing it to Styles because he quite literally is the love of my life. I think this song is in my top five off of the whole album and will be forever.