The future of the Twins looks promising


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The Minnesota Twins have started their 2022 after having a surprising off-season.

The Minnesota Twins have started their 2022 season, and they are off to an amazing start.

The Twins usually are a team that is known for either trading away good players, getting young players, or just doing nothing at all. This offseason though the Twins traded a number of players for great, new talent.

First, the Twins went out and traded for pitcher Sonny Gray. I loved that move because last year they traded away their ace pitcher José Berríos after a terrible season and they were not able to make the postseason. After not being able to make the playoffs even though they usually do. The Twins with a gaping hole in the starting pitching felt if they had better starting pitchers, they could make the postseason. That’s why they went out and brought in Sonny Gray to be the ace, replacing José Berríos. Last year Gray pitched for the Reds. In my opinion, this was a good, surprising move.

Next, the Twins went out and signed shortstop Carlos Correa from the Astors. This in my opinion was a great move and again a surprising one at that. Correa is a great shortstop if it’s fielding or hitting and brings a lot of power. Correa I think is a really great hitter and after trading away your big power hitter, Josh Donsoldn, this is just a wonderful move.

Third, the Twins traded for catcher Gary Sánchez from the Yankees. I like this move because like Correa, Sánchez is a fantastic power hitter. He is also a decent catcher, but he is a much better hitter. In this day and age, it’s much harder to find a catcher who is elite at both being a catcher and hitter. With Sánchez, you pretty much get both even though I wouldn’t say he is an elite catcher, he is above average for sure.

The Twins are part of an interesting division of teams. The Chicago White Sox are currently sitting second in the division, the Cleveland Guardians currently sitting at third in the division, the Kansas City Royals who have a fourth-place sitting right now, and lastly the fifth-place team, the Detroit Tigers. The Minnesota Twins currently sit first place in the division.

I think the Twins can win their division. There is no one that has a really dominating lineup in their division. In the past, the two top teams in their division were Cleveland and Minnesota. The Twins have added a lot of pieces. People have high hopes for the season. Usually, the Twins play the Yankees or a different team, and year after year lose. In my opinion, the Twins will get past their first-round opponent. I also think that the Twins will make it to the World Series, but sadly lose in the World Series. I just feel that the Twins have a lot of new moving pieces and it could take them a couple of years to get on the same page with all the other players. Hopefully, in the next couple of years, the Twins can win the World Series.