Spanish 5 Field Trip to the Midtown Global Market


Courtesy of Mary Murray

Juniors and Seniors from Spanish 5 at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.

All of BSM’s Spanish 5 classes, taught by Mary Murray, made their way to the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis on Friday, April 29th. Although it was an optional field trip, most students from each of the Spanish 5 classes attended.

The bus left at 9:30 to head to the Midtown Global Market. Students were split into two groups, as there were around 40 kids. One of the demos included making briouats, a Moroccan savory pastry made with ground meat, cheese, lemon, and pepper. The woman who led the demonstration allowed students and teachers to try to make them, as well as tasting them. “They were shockingly very flavorful because only meat was in it. It reminded me of biting into a crispy taco,” senior Bailey Skahan said.

The second demo was held by a man named Manny, of Manny’s Tortas. He showed the students how to make salsa verde. He made it a very engaging experience by throwing the vegetables to the students while introducing the ingredients. He allowed samples for every student and paired the salsa with tortilla chips. Many students loved the recipe. “The demos were really engaging and fun for me and my classmates. The salsa verde recipe was very flavorful and tasty, especially with the tortilla chips,” senior Cassi Gonyea said.

After the two demos were finished, the students were off to complete a scavenger hunt. Students had to go around the whole market and look for clues to answer each question. Students were able to look around at all the market has to offer while completing a fun activity to stay engaged during the field trip. “The scavenger hunt was fun because it made me look around the market but it took awhile and I wanted to get to the good eats,” senior Riley Weedman said.

The Midtown Global Market offered a variety of food options. They offer Mexican, Chinese, Venezuelan, Japanese, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. There was also a place to buy groceries that included fresh fruits and vegetables, chips, cereal, etc. “My favorite was the orange chicken we got because it was really crispy on the outside and super flavorful and paired perfectly with the white rice they gave us. I also loved the cookies and cream flavored boba tea because it tasted like a milkshake and the boba in it was very weird but good,” senior Tilly Wolfe said.

The buses departed from the Midtown Global Market at 12:30 to head back to BSM. Students were able to attend periods 7 and 8 to finish off the school day and share their experience with their classmates that weren’t a part of the field trip. “When I got back to school I had religion class and I got to tell the class about my trip. They were all jealous of the good food I got to eat,” Weedman said.