Seniors celebrate college decisions with alumni breakfast


Emma Hoen

The 2022 Senior Class gathered in the Haben with alumni for a college celebration.

BSM’s annual ‘Decision Day’ was held in the Haben Center today, Tuesday, May 3rd. During that time, the class of 2022 gathered for one of the few grade gatherings they have left to enjoy a breakfast prepared by Taher and embrace the friendships that have been made over the last four years or so.

The school put together a celebration for the seniors to congratulate them on completing high school and all the hard work they put in along the way. In honor of graduation approaching, Rachel Kuzma Olson and Mary Fran O’Keefe brought in alumni to talk about their experience here at BSM, what it was like going off to college, and tips on surviving the next level. The alumni were from a variety of graduation years to give every student the opportunity to speak with people of varying levels. The seniors were split into random table settings, each with at least two alumni present. “I really liked having the alumni at our table mixed in with us unbeknownst,” Emerson Foley said.

While waiting to be called up to go get their breakfast, the senior class reminisced on previous years while also discussing their years to come. Once the table was called up for breakfast, the future high school graduates enjoyed a build-your-own omelet station, prepped by the Taher chefs. Students would find themselves picking out a handful of meats and toppings to include in their omelet, then headed back to their seats to continue their conversations on future plans. “It was a fun experience and I loved seeing where all my classmates are going next year; it is an exciting time of the year for sure,” Keegan Gustafson said.

After breakfast, previous alumni of different generations gave their story on what BSM brought them and how they came to be married. Meghan Lind DeLauriers (‘99) and Michael DeLauriers (‘05) spoke of their meeting and how they found out the two of them both went to BSM. The speakers put into perspective the community BSM brings and how you’ll meet people along the road that you can relate to. After the couple’s words of wisdom, Dr. Ehrmantraut spoke one final time for the evening to help the senior class indulge their last moments together and to reach out to one another in the future. “It was really cool to see where everyone was going and also to get to know each other a little bit more,” Justin Dalum said.

With everything that happened during the hour, the students ended the celebration by taking pictures with friend groups, previous school groups, classroom groups and so much more. The energy in the Haben Center this morning was outstanding as the senior class was alive and well. It was safe to say this day of celebration was surely going to leave an impact on the 2022 senior class and definitely brought friends closer to one another. “I thought it was really fun getting to spend time with my classmates who I might not spend as much time with as well as talking about their future plans and where they’re attending college,” Emma Peschel said.