Johnny Knoxville’s new film is a success


Roger Ebert, fair use

Johnny Knoxville’s new film was an immediate success.

The jackass series comprises three seasons on MTV and seven films made over 20 years, all of which feature crazy stunts that most people would never think to attempt. Supposedly, the series is ending with their newest film jackass forever. Jackass forever was released on February 1, 2022. The movie is not in theaters, however, it’s available for free to Paramount+ members and for rent on Apple TV, Vudu, Youtube, and Google Play Movies.

The film stars the same people as all the previous films, however,` this one includes Rachel, the first woman to perform stunts in the jackass series. Perhaps the best part of this film and the main point of differentiation from the previous films is the narrator. Unlike the other films, there’s a woman narrating everything that happens throughout the film. Every stunt still includes the classic introduction by the person doing the stunt, making it feel like all the previous jackass films.

Jackass forever added a nice touch by incorporating multiple different professional athletes in their stunts. They brought in Francis Ngannou, the UFC Heavyweight Champion and the man with the worlds hardest punch. They also brought P.K. Subban, a defenseman for the New Jersey Devils NHL team, and the world’s fastest softball pitcher to help perform a cup test. They also brought in Machine Gun Kelly to compete against Steve-O in a race on stationary bikes.

Some things didn’t need to change though; they included classic stunts involving different animals. They use bees, snakes, snapping turtles, spiders, scorpions, a bull and a grizzly bear to perform scary and painful stunts.

In all honesty, this movie shows more full frontal nudity than any film in the series before it. It contains some graphic content involving genitalia as well. The hardest stunt to watch was the one involving Steve-O and a swarm of bees. In my opinion, the best stunt was the finale.

Overall, I think jackass forever was a pretty good movie. There were a few times where it was hard to watch because the stunts looked so painful. In my opinion jackass forever is a 7 out of 10. I think it has the same specific target audience as the previous films in the series; anyone who likes to see pain.