BSM Drama Brings Back the Spring Musical with “Freaky Friday”


Biance Mojica

BSM theater department prepares for their production of “Freaky Friday.”

Members of the BSM community will not have to travel far to see comedy, music, love, dancing, and more because BSM’s high school theater department is putting on the musical “Freaky Friday” April 28 through May 1 2022.

Freaky Friday is a story about a mother and daughter who switch bodies while arguing. They must now maneuver through their life as the other person while trying to find a way to switch back into the correct body. They face challenges and have eye-opening experiences that they are able to learn from. “It’s a fun story, magic, but also tender and ridiculous at times. It covers the whole spectrum. You should be able to find something you like about it. No matter what type of audience member you are,” BSM Theater Director Jake Mahler said.

This will be the BSM’s first “regular” spring musical in 2 years. They had planned on performing Freaky Friday for the spring musical in 2020 but due to COVID-19 they had to cancel it. As long as COVID cases stay down and no new regulations are implemented, they will have the chance to finally put on this show as they had intended to in 2020. Changes to production and rehearsals have been minimal. “QR code programs might be a thing and the kids have been wearing masks in rehearsal, but they won’t be wearing masks in performances. Assuming nothing changes with the COVID situation,” Mahler said.

It’s a fun story, magic, but also tender and ridiculous at times. It covers the whole spectrum. You should be able to find something you like about it, no matter what type of audience member you are

— Jake Mahler

Putting on a play is no easy task. There is several months of preparation by the cast, tech crew, and directors. From auditions in late February to the official performances, members of the theater department are meeting nearly every day after school. Then when show time comes the pressure is on for everyone to make their hard work pay off. “The pressure is always there, and when you’ve been in it long enough people think you’re really good. So you have to try really hard and work really hard on it,” Junior cast member Bianca Mojica said.

While putting on a play can be hard, it is also a great opportunity for students. Kids of all different personalities and strengths are able to come together and work towards a common goal. They also get to bond with kids of different ages who also go to BSM. The theater department also provides a safe space for kids to break out of their shell. “But some of the quieter kids in class find a place where they can come and feel accepted and welcomed and have an opportunity to let themselves out and really be their best selves in front of an audience,” Mahler said.

The BSM theater department hopes to see many people in the audience for their upcoming performances of “Freaky Friday”. “There’s a lot of fun dance numbers. There’s a lot of fun modern pop song types that aren’t classical Broadway… it’s got kind of a full rock orchestration so it’s going to be a good time,” Mahler said.