The Clay Target team is back in action


Courtesy of John Porisch

From left to right are James Ehmiller (9th grader), Ruby Wohlberg (11th grader), McKenzie Ehmiller (11th grader), and Jonah Vroman (9th grader) waiting to start clay target for the day.

BSM has many clubs and activities for students to be involved in. One of the clubs students can participate in is Clay Target.

The Clay Target team competes on Wednesdays starting at 4:30 until Sundown. Clay Target started at BSM in 2014. They are hoping to have a good spring season this year.

Clay Target is a fun sport that many people enjoy. “It’s an activity I don’t get to do very often, I find it fun and I am good at it,” junior Nate Litts said.

For most sports and clubs coaches usually always want to get more numbers. Though for Clay Target, the number of people is unusual. Coach John Porisch doesn’t want to have more numbers as there is only a certain amount of time the team can shoot for. Variety is huge though.

Another difference of Clay Target is that it is a pretty individual club sport. They shoot on Wednesday nights and it’s just BSM and no other schools. All their schools go into a system for all the schools. For state, it is different as well. “The state meet is in June. Sometimes we go to that, sometimes we don’t. Eight to 10,000 kids show up to that event over the span of seven or eight days. And yes, there are lots of schools shooting there. It’s pretty cool,” Porisch said.

At Clay Target, each person gets 50 shots, or 25 shots per round. “Their sole goal I hope is to just individually better their best score. Ultimately if they get all 25 out of 25 they get a patch both from the Minnesota Clay Target League and from the club that they’re shooting at,” Porisch said.

For Clay, since it is an individual sport, you don’t need multiple people to practice. “Practice though, would mean that the individual student shooters would go to other clubs,” Porisch said.