BSM’s Baseball Team Looks Forward to a Successful Season


Karen Monk

The varsity team standing during the national anthem at Monday’s game.

As spring sports begin here at BSM there is a lot of anticipation around one sport in particular: baseball.

Last season the baseball team fell short against Wilmar in the section final. The first pitch of the 2022 season was thrown Monday April 11 against Jefferson. The Red Knights won 5-4. After the heartbreaking end to the 2021 season, senior captain Ben James is going to give it his all for the Red Knights. “It was disappointing but I’m coming back as a hungry wolf this year,” James said.

The baseball program has excelled in the off season. James is the solo captain and speaks very highly of the new transfers Caleb Koski and Easton Breyfogle. Koski is a sophomore and is proudly committed to Indiana University and playing division 1 baseball after high school. Breyfogle is a junior and will be attending The University of Arizona to play baseball. These two young men have James very excited about the potential in the upcoming season. “We are a great all around team…We have some new guys that will help us out a lot,” James said.

We are a great all around team…We have some new guys that will help us out a lot

— James

While James is the only captain this year for the Red Knights, there is no shortage of senior leadership. Starting second baseman Benjamin Thompson is coming back for his second season on the baseball team. The fans are super excited to see Thompson back on the field in red and white. Thompson is very excited for the transition from the hockey rink to the baseball field this spring. “I’m excited to be back on the diamond with the boys,” Thompson said.

Moving away from the infield and into the outfield is where senior Brady Yakesh will be. Yakesh, who is well known for being an enforcer on the ice for the Red Knights, also has high expectations for the 2022 baseball season. Yakesh is currently in Chippewa playing junior hockey, and James and the other boys cannot wait to have him back for the start of the season. He is coming back for what would have been his 4th season as a varsity baseball player if it wasn’t for Covid-19. Yakesh was one of two freshmen to make varsity where the Red Knights made an immaculate postseason run but fell short to STA in the state championship. Yakesh plans to stay cool, calm, and collected during his senior season. Many athletes tend to be nervous coming into their senior campaign but Yakesh doesn’t seem to be phased. “I am not nervous about it, I am going to have fun with it. I love the coaching staff and they are going to make it really enjoyable for me,” Yakesh said.

This is going to be a season to remember for the Benilde-St. Margaret’s Red Knights. Make sure to keep up with the boys in red and white this spring.