Wrestling enjoyed a successful season


Courtesy of Ruby Verrett

Coach Gettel and Coach Redden demonstrate for Simon Carlisle (9th grade Chesterton Academy), Bryce Commerford (11th grade Benilde – St. Margaret’s), Thomas Medina (11th grade Benilde-St. Margaret’s), Deangelo Addison(10th grade Benilde -St. Margaret’s), Andrew Carlisle (11th grade Chesterton Academy).

With the wrestling season at an end, let’s check-in to see how the team did this year.

The wrestling team made some good progress this year. “We are doing pretty good. We won our first section team match last Saturday (19th) in 8 years. We got 12 wrestlers that are going to be wrestling…at individual sections. That’s the most wrestlers we have had wrestling at once,” junior Thomas Medina said.

The wrestling team has had some ups and downs this season. “We are doing well. We have a lot of new people but they are learning fast. Adjusting to a new head coach so practices are different,” sophomore Andrew Brazil said.

Throughout this season progress has been huge. People want progress to continue and build on for next season. “All of us have made a ton of processes in conditioning, technique,” Brazil said.

One of the BSM wrestlers had the opportunity to go to state, junior Johnathon Gettel. He had the opportunity to go to state last year but because of Covid it was different. “So last year I went to state but it was like the modified state where they had like the preliminaries and stuff. It wasn’t at the Xcel. So this year was my first time actually going to the real state at the Xcel Center.”

Coach John DeLozier who has been coaching wrestling for a total of five years at BSM has some words about the team this year. “I’m very proud of this team. Unless you’ve been a wrestler you don’t really understand how hard it is to deal with the workouts and watching their weights and staying on top of everything else as a student athlete too. But it’s a very demanding sport in terms of time and energy. And these guys have really put in a lot. It’s not an easy sacrifice to make and so I’m very very proud of their sacrifices,” coach DeLozier said.