BSM Teachers use LanSchool to Prevent Cheating


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LanSchool is a software program used by teachers to monitor their students’ screens.

LanSchool is a classroom management software used by teachers to oversee their student’s computer screens. It allows them to see what websites their students are using and manage what websites they are allowed to access.

Because BSM issues a personal laptop to each student, the curriculum in many classes involve the use of online resources. Computers are used during the school day by students to check grades, take online tests, research information, turn in assignments, and more. With the teachers spending most of their time in front of the students teaching, they can never be sure if the students are staying on task while using their laptops. After all, students have access to their personal text messages, unblocked games, and many other things deep within the internet. It is easy and common for students to stray from their required coursework. “We have all these computers and they’re great, but they can also be very distracting,” Help Desk Technician Peter Schubloom said.

Of the teachers who do use LanSchool, most only use it occasionally. They tend to just use it for online tests. It makes it easier for teachers to prevent cheating, which can be tempting to students trying to get the best grade. “Lately I have been creating written tests for the students to take, but I don’t have the possibility to see the students’ screens. So LanSchool provides me with that,” Spanish teacher Berenice Nava said.

Many teachers have experienced issues and difficulties with LanSchool’s software. In a survey conducted by the Knight Errant, 68.4% of teachers who responded said they never use it. The hassle of having to type in each of their students’ names into the program and then trying to monitor each screen while teaching deters many teachers from using it during class. It also isn’t always working how it should. Sometimes the software malfunctions, which causes another issue that teachers have to turn their attention to. However this year, the software has made beneficial improvements for teachers. “The program was not very user friendly last year so I didn’t use it, but it is much better this year,” Nava said.

That being said, LanSchool is not going anywhere. It has been used at BSM for the past eight years and is currently installed on every teacher in the Junior High’s computer. There are still quite a few teachers who rely on the program for their style of teaching. “We’ve had [LanSchool] for eight years, so it’s obviously valued. It’s held its place, it’s held its own,” Schubloom said.