MLB Lockdown may have ended, but questions remain


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The MLB’s lockout ended March 10th, but there are some issues still worth considering.

There is currently a Major League Baseball lockout going on, and there is no end in sight. After five years, the agreement is done and there needs to be a new one. This has been an issue that has been going on since 1990.

This year the MLB season will be shortened down from the usual 162 games because of the lockout in MLB. Right now we are unsure of how many games will be played and we are not going to know until both sides, the players and the owners, can come to an agreement.

This MLB agreement does not last for very long and after a couple of years, a new one needs to be made. The main reason for these agreements is the money. The players want to make sure to get more money, but the owners don’t want to pay them as much money.

Another reason in my opinion for the lockout besides all the money is all the games they have to play. I am suggesting that a better schedule would be good for the game and players. Sometimes with rainouts, there are two games in one day. That could be way too grueling for the players and sometimes you just have to take a break, as baseball is a very mental sport for the players. With a fixed schedule playing games for two weeks at a time and then taking a two-week break and then so on and so on. With that break, it should allow less stress with baseball players and be able to spend more time with family and friends. Also, fewer games are important as well.

In the MLB they should shorten down the season. The MLB season is very long and over the season, there is a loss of interest among sports fanatics. The MLB has about 30 preseason games and about 162 regular-season games. That is way too long. Instead, there should be about 10 preseason games and about 100 regular-season games. That way there should be less money for owners to pay and the players would, in theory, want less money.

The big question now for the sports fans with the MLB season unknown is what is there to watch? Would you watch soccer? Basketball and hockey until the season ends? Then what would you watch when the season ends and if there is still no agreement? Baseball needs to figure it out and fast.

After writing this article an agreement was made on March 10. They might still be able to have 162 games although it seems like fewer preseason games are going to be played. Both sides had to give up some things but I am glad they were able to negotiate a new deal. However, this same issue could come up again next time there needs to be a new agreement.