BSM band, the jomos sparks student’s interest

A new singer-songwriter group has blossomed into a well-known band within the halls of BSM. This group goes by “The JOMOS” standing for “The Joy of Missing Out.” They got this title idea from a dream.

The band has members from all around the metro area. The members include AJ Pauly from BSM (guitarist), Liam Depauw from BSM (guitarist), Sam McClay (bass player), Joey Marcella (drummer), and Annabelle Nicholson from BSM (singer).

The JOMOS started their process of looking for new members about a year ago. To look for new talent that would help expand the band, AJ Pauly and Liam Depauw were the beginning faces of the JOMOS but they wanted more of a group. “I sent in a video and then I just went to one of the practices which was kind of like an audition,” Nicholson said.

They have garnered attention through various performances at the Garage, Burnsville to Outtakes Bar, Crystal, and many other places. While the group doesn’t have a designated manager, they have multiple strategies for acquiring gigs. “Joey’s dad helps us find a bunch of the gigs, and we basically just email venues or like DM different bands to open for them or sometimes they reach out to us,” Nicholson said.

The JOMOS play at many open mic events and even get paid for some of their gigs “It’s 50/50. Most of the time, it’s open mic events. So it’s free to play but we’ve also gotten paid a good amount of the time,” Pauly said.

The band tries to meet and practice regularly, but because everyone lives in all different cities and has busy schedules sometimes it can get difficult for all members schedules to align. “We try to meet once a week but sometimes it’s more if we have an upcoming gig or something,” Nicholson said.

The JOMOS have performed numerous times, each being a new and different experience. Each member has a different interpretation of the gig they perform. “My favorite gig was probably at an Outtakes Bar and Grill, because it was like a really good environment and there was a band that played before us. So it was just like a good crowd,” Nicholson said.

Although not all members of the JOMOS go to BSM, they are still supported immensely by the BSM community. Their gigs are promoted during announcements and the members love to recruit people to come support the band. “BSM is super supportive of us…it’s cool when I hear our gigs being talked about around the school,” Nicholson said.